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Happy Birthday [ profile] sukiyakiya
April, 9 2009

What do you want me to draw this time? *kicked 'cause haven't done the other arts*


Anyway, last week [ profile] synleezz offering me a job at her office as a (web) designer. I said I'll try to apply to her office. And she asked me to send the portfolio to her first.
With some advices from [ profile] scratchbook, I ended up making a website, and just finished it today... I mean yesterday.
After that I'm telling synleezz that I've done, and you know what...?
SHE SAID OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!
Honestly, this is the first time I made a website using adobe photoshop, so I kinda nervous ^^;;
Fuuuhhh, I'm so relieved that she (and my other friend that a REAL web designers) said it good X333333333
Though if they (the office) didn't accept me, it will be a good experience and I've gain more knowledge ^^


BTW, the idea based from Merlin TV series and The Camelot Rangers (that I've mentioned some months ago) XD

OK then, will crush now. Tomorrow... I mean today is the election day and I have to wake up early ^^;;
Nighty nite, guys.
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Well, though not that long, but I feel like more than a week not login to LJ ^^;;;
I managed to login yesterday, but only for couple minutes before get back to work ^^;;

At last I met [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l and [ profile] ala_tariel last Sunday in Indonesia Supernatural gathering!! Yaaaaaaaaayy!!! *throwing confetties*
I really had a great time that day. Though that's the first time I met them, but it's feels like we already knew from a long time X3
I didn'r regret I pushed myself to go though I still had 38-39 degrees fever. Well yeah of course after that I barely to stand up and my friend insisted me to better sleep at her house and go home in the morning instead of I faint in the middle way back home. Hmmm... I never had any experience to faint so maybe I want to know how's that feel. Oh, but every time I had a high fever when I was little, I always sleeping until 3-4 days and didn't woke up at all. That's quite scary, eh? ^^;;;

Never mind that, so... [ profile] mashi_tsushiro was coming too. And I haven't meet her in such a long time, so it feels like a reunion. Like usual she always being a great friend to fangirling with. And I think iorhael and ala tariel quite shocked 'cause how vulgar we are, sorry... ^^;;;
We're sometime forget where we are, indeed *grins*

You can see the photos and some reviews in here, on [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's LJ. (Sorry, saya buang body *grins*).

Well, like I told you above, I slept at my friend's house and get back home in the morning. And... when I wanted to feed my cat (Pussy), he scratched and bit me. Mmm, maybe I shouldn't tell you further about it, especially when you'll getting sick to hear blood ^^;;;
When my Dad came home and found out about it, he kicked me out and tell my mom to take me to the hospital because when she asked me to go to there I refused to go ^^;;;
Heee, the last time I ever checked up was when I was in High School... and I hated hospital... especially RSCM level 5!!!! -_____-
Anyway, I got scolded by the doctor 'cause didn't coming faster and then he told the nurse to bandage me and he gave me 3 kind of medicines (including cough syrup). O' well, I like medicines anyway. The problem is... I have to wrap my right hand with plastic every time I wanna taking a bath or washing the dishes... mendokuseeee!!! -___-



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My editor (from Elex Media - Books and Comics Publisher) just called me and asked me what was the titles from "Nakayoshi Lovely 6" that I'm translating now. And she asked for all of them plus how much pages and whose the authors... So I just told those 15 titles to her. While I'm counting the pages too, there's more than 2000 pages and 3500 bubble words + SFX. I have to finish these all before Sunday, February 8th!! Or I can't relax and enjoying the gath -___-

Not long after, my boss, this time from the Dubbing Studio, called me and asking, can I speak FRANCE!!? I can read and understand France a bit, really just a little bit, but if it's for translating, NO!! I CAN'T!!!!!!!!
Shoot! Now I have to call my friends who can speak France... but in this time like this I bet she's still folding herself inside the blanket... -____-

SO! For Indonesian!! I need help...

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Pic been cap from Gag Reel Season 1

Read more... )

ANYWAY!!! I need to SQUEEE!!! I REALLY need to fangirling over these!!!

Taken from random site... maybe some from LJ too... one I cap by myself and one from [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's slide show ^^


moaaarr )

Did I ever told you that I REALLY love Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan? *point at the Asylum 2008's pic* *giggles*

And can someone tell me, these are manip or not? I found them on Facebook.

manip or... )
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Three days ago I've stayed at my office to finish my job, Juubei-chan 2... and I've finished them (13 eps) + Ultraman Tiga 1 eps with no sleep at all for 2 days *__*
When I want to go home my boss asked me could I helping them to dubb a kind of criminal documenter film BUT in Javanese's language!!!
And ofcourse I say no, since even I am half of Javanese, but I couldn't speak in that language at all!!! Although there's a script of it, but how anout the accent? No way I can do that.
Zannen desuga shikataga nai deshou ^^;

And I realised that I've missed Yocchin's raji twice!!! DAMN!! -__-

BTW Setsuna F Seiei chara song... Mamo~~~!!! I like it so much XD

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Last week I've found the seiyuu's talk of KIBA anime. I'm searching the HQ version, but couldn't found it, so I just gave up and download the streaming version in Nico Vid. When I got home and watched them...
I just couldn't hold my voice to not to laughing.
How can I be able to not do that if Horie Kazuma (Noah's CV) said that he was thinking that Noah's feeling toward Zed was MORE THAN just a friend. And without hesitation he said that actually Noah really in love with Zed. OMG, he was thinking just like what I was thinking when translating KIBA!! XD
Yoshino Hiroyuki (Zed's CV) said "Now you're saying like this, but actually now (means the most recently recording they're taking in this time) you're falling down to an older woman, right!? You can't fool me!!"
Also Kazuma's fave chara in KIBA was Zed, and he always tracking down what was Zed doing or what kind of Zed's outfit at that time. Like, "Ah, this time Zed was taking off his coat!", etc.

In Hatsubai Kinen Event, there's Yoshino Hiroyuki, Horie Kazuma, Mizuki Nana (Roya's CV), Nakamoto Nobuhisa (Mickey's CV) and Inoue Maria (Rebecca's CV). And in Cast Zadankai only Yocchin, Kazuma and Nana ^^
And, yappari it wasn't only my imagination that KIBA's development was fast and lots of charas will going to die on the time being ^^;;;
Well yeah, when I'm translating KIBA, in every time Zed or Noah met new charas, they'll always going to die. I was thinking, "Nanda yo kono anime!? Naze maikai maikai shin chara ga toujou suru to kanarazu saigo ni shinde iku no yo!? Yappari kodomo muki anime janai yo na. Shikamo, nani kono ningen kankei wa!!? Okashii zo! Futsuu janai!! Kore zettai Noah wa Zed ga suki dane!" to... XD
And when my boss asking me about does Zed have a girl friend? or any love scene in KIBA. I just want to answer it with... "I think Noah and Zed was a lover" and "There's square love relation between Zed, Noah, Amil Gaoul and Roya. And ended up that Zed choosing Amil Gaoul to be his partner". But no way I can saying that, right? So I just said that only Mickey that have a girl friend and actually Roya like Zed and Sajeere+Diana like Noah, but nor Zed or Noah feeling anything towards them (because they're a lover (I'm saying this in my mind)).

Oh, I just like this Horie Kazuma-san. He also can realise what kind of relationship between characters that been hiding in the story. Like that HINTS between Noah and Zed or Zed and Roya X3
At first Yocchin was being disconcerted of Kazuma's unbelieveable theories, especially about Noah's feeling toward Zed (well, besides it was for all gender watcher anime, not for girls). But later he just following-up Kazuma's fanboying theory. And, I think if at the cast zadankai Mizuki Nana was not there, that gay conversation will be continued. As Yocchin said he don't mind that kind of relationship but if at all posible he didn't want that kind of relationship developing between Zed and Noah AND also between himself and Kazuma... What the...? XD

Nanka ii naa, seiyuu slash tte... but, I just lower it down since I just want that Yocchin to be mine only hehe.

Anyway, the doujinshies that I've been ordering (Code Geass and Gundam 00) already arrived since Monday last week, but I have not read them all!! Don't have time!! It's impossible to brought them to the office, right? Mmm, maybe I should try to finish my job more quickly and get home earlier... around 05:00 PM maybe, since I'm always get off my ass from the office arround 07:00-08:00 PM... just because of Raito...
Oh, I just want to keep his mouth to shut!! But he was so kakkoii, L was kakkoii too. That's why I couldn't stop once I'm start to get to work. I'm not talking about the visual, but their brain XD

I wonder, can't the TV station held an anime convention and invite the seiyuu since we're already broadcasting quite a lot of anime, even not the new one. Or at least take the translators there!! Take me there!!! ...Muri kamo... T__T

[ profile] rusalka_69 a.k.a Shinka!!! Welcome to LJ, honey~~~!!!! X3
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Na, na, na, na... Yagami Raito no kuchi o fusaidemo yoroshii no deshou kane?

Hai, sansei no hito, te o agete kudaseeeee~~!!!! XP
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Etto ne... what should I write first... mmm...
OK, about the Code Geass Desktop Clock that I got from Code Geass Lost Colors' game. A bonus because I was ordering the game via online store. The chara always changing every one day or restart the PC (random). There's 6 voices each chara (quotes from the game). I think the quotes mostly taken from The Blue Moon scenario (only for PS2 scenario) ^^

code geass desktop clock )

Etto, second...
This is my room when I'm translating movies ^^

Image Hosted by

It's a dubbing room, though, but since they're mostly do the recording on the 1st floor, so I got the 2nd floor studio. There's 4 studios in that place. 2 on the 1st floor and the rest on 2nd floor. Every time I want to watch the recording or checking them a.k.a dubber, I always goes down stair...tired... -__-


*Suimasen... I'm tired to using English... so from this point it will be trilingual*

Last month Shinka coming again to Jakarta, her last (this month) cosplay before going to Umroh ^^
De, she giving me Konishi Katsuyuki X Yoshino Hiroyuki, Chiba Susumu X Yusa Kouji and some of Kamiya Hiroshi uke BL drama CD... Konitan... sunggeeeeee erokatta's ne!! Yocchin sunggeeeeeeeee kawaikatta ze!!!! Mou tamannaiiiii!!!! Mouuu, nante yatsura~~~!!! X3
Nde ne... I really loves to hear the free talk when hearing drama cd, so I always repeating it again and again XD
Iyaaa, Yocchin karakawarete bakkari!!
Ex :

- Yocchin = Saki yaku no Yoshino Hiroyuki desu~~!!
- Chiba = Yo! Yoshino!! Kawaikatta!! Sugoi kawaikatta!!

- Yocchin = Iyaaa, hontou ne doki-doki suru ne, kouiu no? Ore imadani sa, nanka tereru wa!
- Konitan = Douiu ten tereru no?
- Yocchin = Iya, iya, kawaii janai? Kouiu koto tte sa, minna?
- Konitan = Eh? jibun ga?
- Yocchin = Iya, hora, ore kawaikunai kara!
- Konitan = Ore tte kawaii janai? tte iu koto?
- Yocchin = Ore kawaikunai kara!!

jeritan hati )

- Konitan = Yoshino-kun to yaru no hajimete nandesu yo!
- Yocchin = Ah! Sou, sou, sou!
- Chiba = Eh? Sou nanda?
- Konitan = Boy's no genba de au no mo nakattan desu
- Yocchin = Ah! Nai ne!
- Chiba = Eh!? Sore wa mezurashii!
- Konitan = Kono futari au kedo Yoshino towa nai ne
- Yocchin = Amari, tabun yettenai kara dato omoun desukedo ne?
- Konitan = Ah, sou nano? Sonna koto nai yo!
- Yucchan = Sonna koto nai ne!
- Konitan = Sonna koto nai! Yoku kiku ze, hanashi. Iya, Yoshino ga kou mitai aa mitai's na...
- Yocchin = Nanda sore!?
- Yucchan = Koitsu, ore de ite naka-naka...
- Chiba, Yucchan = ...daze~?
- Yocchin = "daze?" tte nanda!?
- Konitan = Hahaha, sou, sou, souiu hanashi kikimashite

- Yucchan = Hikaru mo kawaii kei chara de. Fudan wa warito seme ga ooi kara, kore wa douyatte kouiu... kono kawaisa ga ne. Yoshino-kun mitai ni kawaiku dekinai! Dekina~~ii!! To omoi nagara yatteru.
- Yocchin = ..............kawaisa...


Nde ne, selama SMSan ma Shinka moe2ing Yocchin (iya, seiyuu o fangirling nakama wa amari nakattan de ne. Toku ni Yocchin no koto to onaji TELKOMSEL o tsukatteru yatsu, dakara sa ne ^^), dia bilang, "Ii na, yang seiyuu fave-nya kecengable (nani kono kecengable tte? Hahahaha), Konitan kaya oom2 si, males jg g". Makanya, pas nonton Monochrome Factor n ternyata dia moe2 ma Ono Daisuke disitu, dia nanya tampang Onodai kaya gimana. G bilang dia jadi MC d GF08 bareng Suwabe Junichi, tapi dia lupa. Akhirna g bilang aja nilainya 8 deh, dalam skala 1-10. Abis itu pas dirumah Blue kmrn g kasih liat Onodai di GF08 n Harehare Yukai seiyuu version. Lgsg deh, dia jatuh X3
Dan [ profile] fairiesgonenuts, dia jatuh ma Miyano Mamoru. Dia bilang, "Nih anak lucu banget, sih!!" XD
Sayang Miyano orangna LURUS BANGET!!! Ga nyambung ma Spell Gag n Tsukkomi ^^;;;;;;;

example )

Ato wa... it was my first time hearing Kamiyan uke...kekkou...iketeru ne...kawaii~~!!! X3 N yg g dapet type chara na dia yg cool sinis tsundere gitu smua. Suarana pas banget sih emang. Ga heran kalo dia yg dipilih jadi Tieria, ternyata perannya selama ini yg kaya begituan toh (The QueenKing of Tsundere) ^^;;
Sonde na, ore kekkou Kamiyan no warai goe suki desu yone X3
Nanka kou... subete no mondai ga paaaa tte kanji?


KIBA - anime )


Macross F, Net Radio Celesta, MF Marinos, RuruKuru Station )


BTW, someone has been asking me, why the contents of my Journal always full of Fangirling High Tension. It was just like I don't have any problem at all in my life.

Read more... )

Hai, ijou, I hope you can understand it. Thank you (and yes, lots of peoples told me that I'm strong, so I can't compare others with me, but actually I'm not that strong. I'm still a human and further more a female) ^^

...nanka ijou ga sunggee kakkoi koto iimashita kane, ore? Ahahahahahahhahahaha *been kicked*


I'll be translating DEATH NOTE anime for Global (again) this time.

Don't know I should be happy or sad about it...

And KIBA will be broadcast at Global every Monday~Friday at 19:30~20:30 WIB (if I'm not wrong), start June 16th 2008. Everyone in Indonesia, please watch it if you have a time, 'kay (I bet you don't) XD


May. 11th, 2008 06:29 pm
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What I've done in this week :

- Finished translating KIBA - anime -- Even I don't want to, but I have to...natsukashiku narisou da...
- Finished watching Gundam 00 (rally in 1 and a half day) with my bro - LOCKON~~~!!!!!!!!!!! XP Tieria kirei~~~!! Graham kawaii~~!! Yocchin sugee~~!!! X3 I loves pairing Lockon X Tieria.
- Bought PSP -- LAVENDER PURPLE - Blume series 2006 LP, with memory 4GB + games, free casing and earphone. [ profile] fairiesgonenuts planing to buy the Mint Green XD
- Finished Code Geass - Lost Colors, Geass Arc in 10 hours -- ...*sob* Anyway, Lelouch's so kirei in the ending movie X3

Note :
Kiba and Gundam 00 -- Another HOMO's anime LOL
My friend (male) admitted it that Tieria was a gay from the first time he watched G00 LOL

What I have to do in this weekend and next week :

- Finishing Fullmetal Alchemist, ARMS, Trinity Blood, ZIG-ZAG, Nakayoshi's translation -- ...*die*
- Buy Lappie's Memory -- ...shinai to kakujitsu ni shinun dana Kurocchi no yatsu XP
- Download Code Geass R2 - Turn 05 and 06 -- ...hhhhhh...
- Have to hold myself to not to go anywhere anymore -- and online just for 2 hours...
- Fasting... -- Mou bimbou ni T__T

Note :
...When I will be able to sleep in peacefully...? T__T
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*Indonesian mode-on* sorry ^^;

Etto, Shinka nginep rumah g dari hari minggu kemarin sampe td pagi. Dia balik ke Bandung jam 10 tadi. Tadinya udah batal dateng k Jakarta krn rumah org yg biasa dia inepin lagi ga bisa. Nah, wkt g tawarin inep rumah g, dia bilang ga mo krn ga ad AC (dasar anak gunung XD), tp akhirna inep juga die. Gara2 ga sabar pengen ngeleech n dateng k kantor g XD

Yep, g dapet kjaan nejemahin film lagi, uwaaah, hisashi buri XD
Pas di tel ma boss g dia ga mo bilang itu film apa, yg penting g dateng dulu. Pas g ampe sono...eng ing eng...KIBA bo!!! Berarti buat Global XD
Aga lucu sih, scr waktu liat iklannya di Global g bilang ma adek g kalo kebetulan ada d TV krn g blm ntn...tyt g yg njemahin sendiri, ya sudahlah. Ntar bisa minta yg raw HQna ma kantor X3

Awal2 njemahin g udah mikir ini hubungan Zed n Noah aga2 d...dan makin lama (g udah njemahin sampe eps.38 dalam 2minggu...narsis nih, kayana kemampuan njemahin g meningkat, BANZAI!!! Dapet bayarannya juga cepet jadina X3)...g jd jejeritan sendiri d studio. Udah gt seiyuu na Zed si Yoshino Hiroyuki!!! Yocchin~~~~!!!! X3
Selama njemahin g sms-an ga jelas ma Shinka (yg akhirna dia minjem ke rental buat nonton sampe abis KIBAna ^^;;). Zed kawaii~~~!!! PHna MAD House pula!! Brantem na kereeeen!! X3
Pengen g gambaaaaarrrrr~~!!!! X3
ANGST~~~!!! X3
Terutama pas eps Noah VS Zed d Joust Neotopia (kalo ga salah eps.29 or 30 gitu d)...Noah!! Kau sudah mengucapkan kata2 tabu!!!! BAKA YAROU~~~!!!!!! XP
Kesian Zed...sampe shock begitu...(tampangna...bikin moe, sih *ditabok*) T__T
Lirik ending ketiga g suka banget...pas ma keadaan mereka berdua...terutama pas kata2
Hanareteitemo kokoro ga tsunagatteiru
Hauuuu!!! X3
Awal2na kesian Noah sih, pas dateng ke dunia itu tiap hari dia mikirin Zed tapi Zed na sama sekali ga, tp pas ketemu di Task, Zed kepengen ketemu Noah terus sampe maksa2 philospher2 yg ada di Templar utk diijinin pergi...ka, kawaii... *mati*

Ah, tapi, gr2 side job ini g bener2 kurang tidur...XP
Pagi bangun jam 04:00, biar g bisa numpang bokap sampe Blok-M, soalna kalo g berangkat sendiri macetna ga tahan!! Yg ada g keburu cape sebelum kja, selain itu bisa irit ongkos XD
Jam 07:00 nyampe kantor, bikin kopi n then lgsg nangkring dpn kompie n mixer sampe jm 17:00 or 18:00an, pulang sampe rumah lgsg ngerjain tjemahan buat komik sampe jam 01:00an, tidur n bangun lagi jm matiiiiiiiiiii!!! Makana, segala art rikues n kalender project...sorry ya kalo bakal telat bgt XP
Kayana minggu ini g udah bisa nyelesain sampe eps 51, jadi mulai Senin khidupan g bakal bjalan spt biasa, abis itu g kjain smua janji2 g yg terbengkalai, gomen -__-

Balik ke Shinka...setelah dia inep, g tambah cape, scr fangirling full throttle!! Ditambah lagi dia nemenin g k kantor jg...udah deh...wassallam ^^;;
Cape tp so fun...dia bilang dia juga kecapean, makana pas hr terakhir (kmrn), yg ada kita pada tidur di jalan n sempet pula ktiduran di kantor...makana hr ini g disuruh libur ma kantor (shrsna masuk walo tanggalan merah), soalna kmrn g ktiduran dgn posisi duduk n tangan masih di banget... -__-
Pdhl abis itu g masih kudu revisi eps 1 n kadang suka ngarahin para dubber spy nada n penekanan jiwana bener (yg ini sih g lakuin dgn senang hati, krn suka bete kalo dubber na ngasal meranin) ^^;;;
Tapi, ya sudahlah, lumayan bisa tidur lebih lama *grin* walo bayaran g jadi ngundur, soalna g minta dibayar per20 eps ^^;;


For Art Request that I've been posting couple of weeks ago.

There's only 1 slot left. If until Monday no more request again, I'll close the slot. Thank you ^^
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