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The Tokyo earthquake, the Sendai tsunami and the explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Seriously, I couldn't get a nice sleep since Friday at all.
When I knew Sendai got hit by tsunami, my mind directly went to Festivewind and chibishun who are currently studying and working in Japan, and of course all of my Japanese friends.
My Kansai area friends were alright, my Tokyo area friends were finding a shelter, my Saitama area friend was also alright, she still got a little quake, tho, but can go to work as usual.
A friend from Hokkaido willing to help me find my lost contact friend via cellphone provider. Even though, I'm sure she's also worrying about her grandma in Tokyo that still lost contact at the time. I really owed her!! >_<

Thank God in Saturday around 1:30AM we got news from Indonesia embassy in Tokyo that my Sendai friend was alright.
But I'm gettting worried again when I heard that Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was explode!
My friend's brother work there (not sure because I'm so panicked and my brain refuse to think), and couldn't contacted her because all of the telephone and cellphone lines are still dead.
But when I got home today, I got an email from her, said, that all of her families are alright.
I'm so relief and bursting in tears immediately T A T

Keep strong guys, NIHON GANBAREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For your information, I'm not affected by the tsunami since I live in West side.
Bali and the other places in East side was kinda affected, one of our volcano getting erupted too, tho.
My Hokkaido friend said, she heard from the news that Jakarta got the effect, but I didn't feel anything at all... ^^;;;
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Jul. 2nd, 2009 04:20 pm
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Still not sure, but...
I'm sorry... I lost hope....


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Goodbye Ucrid, I love you...


note: disable comment, sorry
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Ucrid didn't coming home... where did he go?
He even didn't take his lunch nor dinner...
Ucrid where are you~~!!!! *sobs sobs*

Anyway, about the SPN J2 Big Bang Challenge, I've ended up tagging with two ficers.
I've sent them message, the other one already replied me, but hasn't send me her fic and for the other one... there's still no answer from her.
Maybe they're busy, well, practically I'm just waiting for them *shrugs*
Contacted and got the rough draft XDD

AAANNDDD!!! JUST AS I THOUGHT!!! I've missed Sam's birthday!! *bang head to the wall*
O' well, I just compile his birthday art along with Jensen's too... later... after I finish it... *sighs*


Web Clap
I've update the reply.
So for you who sent me a comment, please check on the web.
Thank you ^^
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Just show your mid-finger to the counter and they'll give you a free cup of Black Coffee.
Only valid in Indonesia.


Happy Birthday [ profile] sukiyakiya
April, 9 2009

What do you want me to draw this time? *kicked 'cause haven't done the other arts*


Anyway, last week [ profile] synleezz offering me a job at her office as a (web) designer. I said I'll try to apply to her office. And she asked me to send the portfolio to her first.
With some advices from [ profile] scratchbook, I ended up making a website, and just finished it today... I mean yesterday.
After that I'm telling synleezz that I've done, and you know what...?
SHE SAID OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!
Honestly, this is the first time I made a website using adobe photoshop, so I kinda nervous ^^;;
Fuuuhhh, I'm so relieved that she (and my other friend that a REAL web designers) said it good X333333333
Though if they (the office) didn't accept me, it will be a good experience and I've gain more knowledge ^^


BTW, the idea based from Merlin TV series and The Camelot Rangers (that I've mentioned some months ago) XD

OK then, will crush now. Tomorrow... I mean today is the election day and I have to wake up early ^^;;
Nighty nite, guys.


Mar. 28th, 2009 11:23 am
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Rest In Peace
For All The Victims of
Situ Gintung Tragedy
March, 27 2009
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Well, though not that long, but I feel like more than a week not login to LJ ^^;;;
I managed to login yesterday, but only for couple minutes before get back to work ^^;;

At last I met [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l and [ profile] ala_tariel last Sunday in Indonesia Supernatural gathering!! Yaaaaaaaaayy!!! *throwing confetties*
I really had a great time that day. Though that's the first time I met them, but it's feels like we already knew from a long time X3
I didn'r regret I pushed myself to go though I still had 38-39 degrees fever. Well yeah of course after that I barely to stand up and my friend insisted me to better sleep at her house and go home in the morning instead of I faint in the middle way back home. Hmmm... I never had any experience to faint so maybe I want to know how's that feel. Oh, but every time I had a high fever when I was little, I always sleeping until 3-4 days and didn't woke up at all. That's quite scary, eh? ^^;;;

Never mind that, so... [ profile] mashi_tsushiro was coming too. And I haven't meet her in such a long time, so it feels like a reunion. Like usual she always being a great friend to fangirling with. And I think iorhael and ala tariel quite shocked 'cause how vulgar we are, sorry... ^^;;;
We're sometime forget where we are, indeed *grins*

You can see the photos and some reviews in here, on [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's LJ. (Sorry, saya buang body *grins*).

Well, like I told you above, I slept at my friend's house and get back home in the morning. And... when I wanted to feed my cat (Pussy), he scratched and bit me. Mmm, maybe I shouldn't tell you further about it, especially when you'll getting sick to hear blood ^^;;;
When my Dad came home and found out about it, he kicked me out and tell my mom to take me to the hospital because when she asked me to go to there I refused to go ^^;;;
Heee, the last time I ever checked up was when I was in High School... and I hated hospital... especially RSCM level 5!!!! -_____-
Anyway, I got scolded by the doctor 'cause didn't coming faster and then he told the nurse to bandage me and he gave me 3 kind of medicines (including cough syrup). O' well, I like medicines anyway. The problem is... I have to wrap my right hand with plastic every time I wanna taking a bath or washing the dishes... mendokuseeee!!! -___-



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[ profile] ala_tariel sent this to my e-mail, so I just put this to my LJ ^^

Don't cheat, If you are honest, this tells the truth pretty good.
Write your answers on a piece of paper, and NO cheating!!
The answers are at the bottom.

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And... last night I've just realized that I'm having a fever... no wonder I feel so cold and my head and body feel so heavy all day... -______-
So, I've crashed around 11:00 PM 'cause I couldn't hanging there any longer. I've took the medicine this morning, and much feel better, though still dizzy. I have to get well soon, no matter what happen!! Deadline!! Deadline!!! *guling2*

Anyway last week, my friend texted me and said there's Room 401 on GLOBAL (one of our local TV) around 01:00-02:00 AM tonight/tomorrow. As you knew, Jared whose become the host in that show ^^
I wonder if tonight that show still playing and can I catch it? ^^;;;;

Aaaaaahhhh, I want some hot chicken soup... -_____-
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My editor (from Elex Media - Books and Comics Publisher) just called me and asked me what was the titles from "Nakayoshi Lovely 6" that I'm translating now. And she asked for all of them plus how much pages and whose the authors... So I just told those 15 titles to her. While I'm counting the pages too, there's more than 2000 pages and 3500 bubble words + SFX. I have to finish these all before Sunday, February 8th!! Or I can't relax and enjoying the gath -___-

Not long after, my boss, this time from the Dubbing Studio, called me and asking, can I speak FRANCE!!? I can read and understand France a bit, really just a little bit, but if it's for translating, NO!! I CAN'T!!!!!!!!
Shoot! Now I have to call my friends who can speak France... but in this time like this I bet she's still folding herself inside the blanket... -____-

SO! For Indonesian!! I need help...

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...that [ profile] rusalka_69 got the job that [ profile] meine_liebe had offering her last month at her friend's office as a Graphic Designer in Printing Company.
She'll start February and yes, she will living in Jakarta from now on. We can drag her to hanging out every Friday now ^^

And the most important is... I can drag her to watch MBV and F13 now hehehehe
IF, both movie will ever show in here ^^;;;

Oh, and I'd like to welcome my two new friends, [ profile] anastdean and [ profile] pada_something. Truly, I really had great time 2 days ago with you guys *hugs*

Good night, really sleepy... just got back home from hanging out with friends at PSKD (an eating place near a school called PSKD). Like usual, we're rambling about jobs, moviies, advertisings, web designs, etc, etc.
And, thank you [ profile] kiraraeye for bought us Strawberry Mousse from Lokananta *hugs*

Last... [ profile] sukiyakiya... sorry, but I won't post that manip sparkling J2 that I've posted 2 days ago. It was in a quick photoshop, 5 minutes done. I want to make another better one ^^;

Nighty nite... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

ps: I haven't watch S4.12, so I won't check flists until then (just don't want to get spoiled).
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