Sep. 20th, 2010 08:18 pm
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Just want to let know about our booth at STGCC at 10-12 December 2010.
Our desk number is G38, the one with the red circle.
Click the thumbnail to see in larger view.


Also, a doodle that I made. Just trying a new style.
Done with an optic mouse and Alias Sketchbook Pro 2.0
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Yeah, I know I'm not creative enough to find an interesting title LOL

Anyway, the pre-order of our [1920] Hetalia Anthology is officially closed today/yesterday ^^
So, for you who didn't have a time to pre-ordering it, meet us at STGCC in Dec, 10-12 2010!!

And, lately I'm full throttle fangirling on DCU esp on the Supes-fam slash the Bats-fam!! Specifically on Kon-El/Tim Drake or Nightwing uke or even Kal-El/Bruce Wayne LOL
Back to this fandom is brings up my childhood memory. Feels something wrong but it feels so good, kinda thing LOL

And... just like [personal profile] sukiyakiya had said, NW was surely distracting to be draw. From the front view or even from the rear view! LOL
I have lots of fun drawing the 3rd Robin (Tim Drake), Kon and Cassandra Cain, tho ^^

Since Kurocchi (my lappie) just came back from the hospital, I haven't install the photoshop and my scanner program, yet (also the language bar, which's sucks). So I can't submit for a while -_____-

Oh, and... I'm thinking to split up my web category into two sections. Japanese fandoms and Western fandoms. 'Cause you see, not every fangirls accepting both, right. I'll work it out soon after Kurocchi been re-installed with the programs.

Just stay tune, 'kay :D
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May. 22nd, 2009 11:12 am
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アーサーが「Bloody Hell!!」を言わせたいなあ~


I wanted to make Arthur saying "Bloody Hell!!"
Don't know why I really like this word.
But I'm still confuse how to make him saying that.
And I'm still don't know who'll make him saying the word. Alfred or Fransis.
But I like Al more, though *grins*
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I'm being so productive lately...
Not only drawing for SPN but also Hetalia and Merlin.
And there's waaaaaaaay too much illusts that I haven't scan.
Come on~~!!! My burner!! I'm begging you to not fail again to burn this time!!!
I'm running out of HD for GOD SAKE!!!! XP

Currently waiting for Merlin S2, and the end of KINGS' hiatus.
Lama ya...

Anyway, Ucrid already came home last night!!
And muddy... orz
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Ucrid didn't coming home... where did he go?
He even didn't take his lunch nor dinner...
Ucrid where are you~~!!!! *sobs sobs*

Anyway, about the SPN J2 Big Bang Challenge, I've ended up tagging with two ficers.
I've sent them message, the other one already replied me, but hasn't send me her fic and for the other one... there's still no answer from her.
Maybe they're busy, well, practically I'm just waiting for them *shrugs*
Contacted and got the rough draft XDD

AAANNDDD!!! JUST AS I THOUGHT!!! I've missed Sam's birthday!! *bang head to the wall*
O' well, I just compile his birthday art along with Jensen's too... later... after I finish it... *sighs*


Web Clap
I've update the reply.
So for you who sent me a comment, please check on the web.
Thank you ^^
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Guess who's at the first place *grins*

Anyway, let me give you the quote for our beloved adorkable brothers.
It said...

Sam and Dean love each other because they are the only ones they can depend on.

I was between laughing and squeeeing when I'm read this XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Just show your mid-finger to the counter and they'll give you a free cup of Black Coffee.
Only valid in Indonesia.


Happy Birthday [ profile] sukiyakiya
April, 9 2009

What do you want me to draw this time? *kicked 'cause haven't done the other arts*


Anyway, last week [ profile] synleezz offering me a job at her office as a (web) designer. I said I'll try to apply to her office. And she asked me to send the portfolio to her first.
With some advices from [ profile] scratchbook, I ended up making a website, and just finished it today... I mean yesterday.
After that I'm telling synleezz that I've done, and you know what...?
SHE SAID OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!
Honestly, this is the first time I made a website using adobe photoshop, so I kinda nervous ^^;;
Fuuuhhh, I'm so relieved that she (and my other friend that a REAL web designers) said it good X333333333
Though if they (the office) didn't accept me, it will be a good experience and I've gain more knowledge ^^


BTW, the idea based from Merlin TV series and The Camelot Rangers (that I've mentioned some months ago) XD

OK then, will crush now. Tomorrow... I mean today is the election day and I have to wake up early ^^;;
Nighty nite, guys.
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Well, though not that long, but I feel like more than a week not login to LJ ^^;;;
I managed to login yesterday, but only for couple minutes before get back to work ^^;;

At last I met [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l and [ profile] ala_tariel last Sunday in Indonesia Supernatural gathering!! Yaaaaaaaaayy!!! *throwing confetties*
I really had a great time that day. Though that's the first time I met them, but it's feels like we already knew from a long time X3
I didn'r regret I pushed myself to go though I still had 38-39 degrees fever. Well yeah of course after that I barely to stand up and my friend insisted me to better sleep at her house and go home in the morning instead of I faint in the middle way back home. Hmmm... I never had any experience to faint so maybe I want to know how's that feel. Oh, but every time I had a high fever when I was little, I always sleeping until 3-4 days and didn't woke up at all. That's quite scary, eh? ^^;;;

Never mind that, so... [ profile] mashi_tsushiro was coming too. And I haven't meet her in such a long time, so it feels like a reunion. Like usual she always being a great friend to fangirling with. And I think iorhael and ala tariel quite shocked 'cause how vulgar we are, sorry... ^^;;;
We're sometime forget where we are, indeed *grins*

You can see the photos and some reviews in here, on [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's LJ. (Sorry, saya buang body *grins*).

Well, like I told you above, I slept at my friend's house and get back home in the morning. And... when I wanted to feed my cat (Pussy), he scratched and bit me. Mmm, maybe I shouldn't tell you further about it, especially when you'll getting sick to hear blood ^^;;;
When my Dad came home and found out about it, he kicked me out and tell my mom to take me to the hospital because when she asked me to go to there I refused to go ^^;;;
Heee, the last time I ever checked up was when I was in High School... and I hated hospital... especially RSCM level 5!!!! -_____-
Anyway, I got scolded by the doctor 'cause didn't coming faster and then he told the nurse to bandage me and he gave me 3 kind of medicines (including cough syrup). O' well, I like medicines anyway. The problem is... I have to wrap my right hand with plastic every time I wanna taking a bath or washing the dishes... mendokuseeee!!! -___-





Feb. 7th, 2009 12:18 pm
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May I laugh? *wide grins*

clickey )

You know what? I'm pause and rewind it several times when I'm watching this episode.
Grabbing my soul to come back, taking some caps, I even make coffee twice and walking around the house to make myself calm down...

Anyway... I think I need some BL manga reading right now. Well, not the PWP one, at least they had story in it. Only HINTS is OK with me too. Like, Silver Diamond (or other Sugiura Shiho's), wanna reread Komatta Toki niwa Hoshi ni Kike! too, and her other project. G Defend (Morimoto Shuu) and is there any continuation from Uchuu no Hito by Kakizaki Muku?
O' well, I guess I have to leech it from [ profile] synleezz anyway... Too bad she didn't download the raws, but she have the ori books... I'll go invasions to her house later *grins*
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