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Yeah, I know I'm not creative enough to find an interesting title LOL

Anyway, the pre-order of our [1920] Hetalia Anthology is officially closed today/yesterday ^^
So, for you who didn't have a time to pre-ordering it, meet us at STGCC in Dec, 10-12 2010!!

And, lately I'm full throttle fangirling on DCU esp on the Supes-fam slash the Bats-fam!! Specifically on Kon-El/Tim Drake or Nightwing uke or even Kal-El/Bruce Wayne LOL
Back to this fandom is brings up my childhood memory. Feels something wrong but it feels so good, kinda thing LOL

And... just like [personal profile] sukiyakiya had said, NW was surely distracting to be draw. From the front view or even from the rear view! LOL
I have lots of fun drawing the 3rd Robin (Tim Drake), Kon and Cassandra Cain, tho ^^

Since Kurocchi (my lappie) just came back from the hospital, I haven't install the photoshop and my scanner program, yet (also the language bar, which's sucks). So I can't submit for a while -_____-

Oh, and... I'm thinking to split up my web category into two sections. Japanese fandoms and Western fandoms. 'Cause you see, not every fangirls accepting both, right. I'll work it out soon after Kurocchi been re-installed with the programs.

Just stay tune, 'kay :D
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