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Sleep over from Friday untill Monday at [ profile] rusalka_69's house at Slipi. Like usual, if she coming to Jakarta, she always asking me to sleep over at her house until she get back to Bandung. Hey, don't forget to make a portfolio when you got home to apply the job that [ profile] meine_liebe offering to you, hun.
I'm kinda lonely when friends around me talking, complaining, whining about their own job. Well, I knew some html, css, photoshop, manual coloring, and other things about web design, though it's not much, but I'm the only one Japanese translator here. If I'm confused or don't know how to translate it into Indonesian, to whom I can ask? Nobody ^^;;;

OK that's enough for the gloomy moment. I come here to having fun!
[ profile] meine_liebe~~~!!! Bring me Thai Tea by Nestle from Manila~~~!!!! And say hi to your grandma, 'kay~~~!!!
And, thank you [ profile] nei_saku for your lovely xmas card and [ profile] sukiyakiya for your xmas card (+ Katie "Ruby" Cassidy's chibi illust on it. Though I asked for Jensen's ^^;) and Toblerone Choco!!!! *hug both of you*


Another dork pairing ehehehehehehehhe.
The hiatus is killing me, and then [ profile] arisuesei suggest me to watch Merlin 2 weeks ago while I'm waiting until the hiatus is over. I just watched it and I like it. For old friends who already knew I have British accent, neck, and collar bone's fetish maybe you guys can imagine how my reaction when I'm watching it, right XD
And... Arthur is cute!! Also Bradley James himself. Another tsundere chara that I like *grin*

Tsundere (ツンデレ, Tsundere?) is a Japanese character archetype that describes a conceited, spikey, combative personality that later on turns to being modest and loving. It can also describe a personality that is good-willed, but its attitude and actions often contradict its nature. Originally found in Japanese bishōjo games, the word is now part of the otaku moe phenomenon, reaching into other media such as anime, manga, novels, and even mass media.

(copied-pasted from wikipedia)

For examples, like, Dean Winchester, Lelouch Lamperouge (Vi Britannia), Tieria Erde, Hiruma Youichi, Gokudera Hayato, etc

Talking about Gokudera... )

And [ profile] scratchbook gave this to me yesterday hehehe


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Komifest 2008 - KHR Calendar '08-'09 Anthology Project

Participants :
- [ profile] shiroki_kun a.k.a ME ^^
- [ profile] sukiyakiya
- [ profile] meine_liebe
- [ profile] runesque
- [ profile] crimsonutterfly
- [ profile] jali_jali
- Jullian
- [ profile] festive_wind
- [ profile] joey_fraser

Secretary : [ profile] arisuesei

It will be packed in CD case so the size will be around 13x13.

Aug '08 -- August 17th Nuance (Red and White) -- Millefiore -- meine_liebe
Sept '08 -- Autumn Nuance -- Vongola TYL -- me
Oct '08 -- Halloween -- Kokuyo -- sukiyakiya
Nov '08 ------------- Vongola Old -- Nessa
Dec '08 -- X'Mas -- Varia -- festive_wind
Jan '09 -- New Year -- Vongola Present -- meine_liebe
Feb '09 -- Valentine -- Bosses (Vongola, Cavallone, Tomasso, Millefiore) -- jali-jali
March '09 -- White Day -- KHR Females -- runesque
April '09 -- Sakura -- HIbari cs -- sukiyakiya
May '09 -- Childrens Day -- Arcoballeno -- Jullian
June '09 -- Beach -- Iro2 (Oregano, Basil, Iemitsu, Nana, Cervello) -- Nessa
July '09 -- Tanabata/Summer Matsuri -- Tsuna & Reborn -- me
X-tra -- Tsuna, Goku, Yama, cs -- joey_fraser


Tsuna -- festive_wind
Goku -- jali-jali
Yama -- me
Hiba -- sukiyakiya
Muku -- meine_liebe
Chrome -- runesque
Ryouhei -- Jullian
Lambo -- crimsonutterfly
Reborn -- joey_fraser

Tote Bag
Two sided, Vongola TYL by runesque and Vongola Present by jali-jali.

Limited -- Calendar + Completed Bookmark (9pcs) + tote bag.
Regular -- Calendar + 1 pcs Bookmark (random, barang yang sudah dibeli tidak bisa dikembalikan atau ditukar, depends on your luck *grin*).

This calendar will be sell on Indonesia Komifest at Mall Taman Anggrek in July-August 2008 (still didn't get it why Indonesian have to making events (most of it Anime and Cosplay events) inside the Mall -__-). As far as I knew from runesque, that already 9 foreign peoples are pre-ordering our project. And for Indonesian (not mention that lives in other countries), if you're interested, make sure you'll come to the event to get it. It will be sell at mine or sukiyakiya's or meine_liebe's or jali-jali's or maybe all of us' booth (correct me if I'm wrong, since I don't know Nessa and Jullian will open a booth or not). But, if after the event it still remain some, we'll be open for mail order.

ranting, progress and sample )
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Happy belated Valentine Day 2008, mina-san~~~~ X3

Image Hosted by

(I'm not lj-cutting it in purpose, so what? Just sue me) ^^;;
Molto TV commercial ^^;;;
Too much flowers....too lazy to redo it again ^^;;;
Uwaaah, it's been a long time I didn't draw this two!! Etto, more than 2 years? Tonikaku, Ed and Al in Germany maybe around 19 and 18 years old.
Ah, the other Valentine illust (Code Geass-Ruru, Nana and Suza)...I couldn't make it in time. I'll upload it next time (if I don't forget) ^^;;

Souda, Kimi to Boku drama CD........even though I already meromero when reading the manga, but when I hear they're talking, the meromero parameter rising up rapidly. Hoanyaaaaa~~ kawaii~~~ X3
The seiyuus of little Yuuta, Yuuki, Kaname and Shun were...Kaida Yuuki, Minagawa Junko, Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie. When they're entering high school, Kaida Yuuki, Minagawa Junko, Suzumura Kenichi and Takayama Minami. Then...Akira = Kobayashi Yumiko, Kouichi = Morikubo Shoutarou, Iinchou = Hirakawa Daisuke. I forgot who Kaori sensei's seiyuu was...Matsu nantoka nantoka ^^;;

Haaa, aikawarazu Kouichi and Akira just like a couple. Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie's voice in here just like little Ed and Al from Hagaren ^^;;
Well, maybe because when this CD was being recorded, they're still in Hagaren project. Mmm, Kugimiya Rie's voice sometime not so Al, though.
Minajun and Kaiyuki so cold...and frightening in here. Just like "Nani kono kodomo tachi ga!" tte kanji. Their tension was too low ^^;;
Suzuken as high school Kaname...uwaaah, bimyou~~. I think it's much better if Paku Romi still doing it. High school Yuuta and Yuuki tte...Kaiyuki and Minajun's voice so Fuji and Ryouma (tenipuri), kakkoii dakedo na ^^;;
And high school Shun...too calm!! I didn't feel any flowers around him everytime he's talking ^^;;

You guys should read this manga, very interesting, funny and cute ^^
Kimi to Boku by Hotta Kiichi. Publisher = Square Enix
It's already published until vol. 4. The cover color and illust so soft and simple, I like it so much ^^

Story :
Yuuta, Yuuki, Kaname and Shun are friends from kindergarden school. Cold and my pace twin Yuuta and Yuuki, cute and pure Shun and the more direct personality Kaname (tsukkomi yaku chara (just like Tsuna from KHR) ^^;;). BTW, Yuuki is an anime and manga otaku ^^
It's just about their daily life. Well, you can say the genre is drama.

FYI!!! It's not a BL manga!! Although the hints were very...very... very... ^^;;;

for example )

Some of it just like in the manga ^^

Talking about manga, half of my friends were falling to Oofuri, but for baseball story, I would rather to choose Battery than Oofuri ^^

teaser )

Is a drama stories about an elite pitcher who moving into his mother's parent home for the sake of his little brother's healthy, because town's air isn't very good for his brother condition. In there, Takumi met Gou and they're promise to each other to become pair for baseball league in their Junior High later. Takumi had a complicated personality and sometime he can be jealous to Seiha, his little brother, although he loves and cares about him so much. Gou is a boy who always react before thinking if it already about Takumi. And Seiha, he really loved his big brother. That's one additional story that he said Takumi is really gorgeous when standing under the sunlight and looking at the blue sky, when he saw Takumi's childhood picture to his grandpa.

I'm starting to buy this manga in accident to released my stress after last year flood -__-
At first I didn't have any intention to collecting Battery, but when I read's quite a good manga to read. Now I'm still continuing to buy this. It's already vol. 5, or 6 maybe. There's a live action dorama too. I forgot who the cast were, though ^^;;
[ profile] nishitamachi, do you have it? Download it for me, please~~~? Thank you, I love you!!!! Ehehehehe <-- 勝手で一方的に ^^;;

Ah, yesterday I got a dejavu again when translating ARMS v.11. Tashika ni it was from a dream that I had 3 and a half years ago before I becaming a manga translator. Ahaha, hisashi buri da...I though I already lost this kind of power ^^;;;
And like always, at that time I didn't give a damn with that dream at all. Soukaaa, that time dream it's about yesterday kaa... well, it's not a big deal, though ^^;;

Souieba, ARMS v.11-12...lots of Hayato~~!!!! Kawaii!!!! Let me hug you~~~!!!! X3
He feels sorry to unable to protecting and helping Takeshi when Kou was attacked them on the rooftop. Kei yelled at him because he was always blaming himself and becoming whiny, but like always, Ryou cheers him up (why just not cheers him with your body, Ryou?) XD
Maybe really seldom peoples who reading or even knowing ARMS, well I'm not going to read it too, if not because my job, though ^^;;
If you ever read it, you'll be realize that the name and the characters of peoples in REBORN so similar with ARMS!! Gokudera just like a mirror to Hayato and Yamamoto to Ryou+Takeshi ^^
But in ARMS my pairing are Ryou X Hayato or Keith X Hayato. Well, Hayato Uke is OK for me too XD
This Takeshi fella' too...weak? Not about the strenght but his soul (at first). Tsuna's character just look like him.
The story based from Lewis Carol's Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, the 2nd series from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Try to read it, it's quite interesting ^^

[ profile] runesque, thank you for the Mononoke!!!! Omoshirokatta yo~~!!! X3
I watched it while looking for who'll be the right one to become Kusuri Uri's seme ^^;; long as I watch (until eps 09)...with the sword or...his otherself. His otherself so kacchoii!! X3
And the first time I think he's so sexy was in eps 08 (too long), when he did...

this )

The other version is in here.

BTW, my current music, does anyone have his album or at least tell me where the site to download it? I only have 2 songs from him. I really like his voice and his music. I forgot from where I found his songs ^^;;;
And...does anyone knows Chyrolin and The Angels? Do they still launching an album? 3-9
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A month I didn't online, so there's lots of things that I have to download. ES21, OP, KHR, Neuro, Game ost, Doujinshies, Collecting fanarts, etc.

Eyeshield 21 ch 265....................AT LAST!!!!!!! I CAN SEE HIRUMA's NAKED BODY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*wake up*

Although it was only from the back........zannen.....but YOKATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if Mamo nee-chan feels something when bandaging his arms. Since she was sitting in front of him X3
If I was doubt I'll attack those yummy barechest *suimasen*

Yappari, sport manga really awesome!! The time was mere 5 more minutes, but both of school scores was still catching up each other. Hwaaa, doki2 suru~~~!!! Especially when Hiru-tan forces his arm to threw a long pass!! And when Marco being tackled by Kurita (well it's really unnecessary for him to revealed his ass, though. But that's OK, let's think it was one from fanservice for females X3), Hiru-tan helping him to stand up...actually to showing to Marco that he was still able to standing on the field although his hand already couldn't do a single shoot ever. Marco did understand what is Hiruma going to say...and then he was falling onto Hiru-tan's shoulder...hwaaaaaaa...hwaaaaa...HIRUMA UKE BANZAI!!!!! X3

Souiya, Mussan really more look kakkoii if being seen from the side X3

And another happy thing about ES21......Inuyama-san (ES21 japanese doujinshika/shousetsuka who becoming my fangirling friend about Hiruma (UKE)), in her last e-mail, she'd said that....


She'll give her djs for me as a gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF, I'm able to come to the MusaHiru event at Feb 11th -__-;;;
Since I couldn't make it (iro2 to), I wonder if she want to send it to me...or maybe I can exchange it with mine also ehehehehehehehehe
I really loves her gag XD

SHI.A.WA.SE kufufufufufufufufu --> ©Hiyuu Tatsuma + Dokurou Mukuro

I really love that spread page in ch179 X3
And lately Mossan didn't look like a kid anymore. Didn't look cute anymore. Amano sensei's pic for Yama already back to what his face used to be. BANZAI!!! X3
Although Tsuna becoming more cute this time...I'm even thinking that he become more girly than Kyoko and Haru. It is just me or everyone thinking it too that that spread page in ch179, Tsuna has a waist!!?
I loved the old Tsuna!!!! The idiot face Tsuna!!! Bring back the old Tsuna to me~~~!!!! XP

NO comment for Gokkun, because I will always loves him whatever his face going to be like X3 *biases*
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[ profile] sukuyakiya was lending me her Code Geass ANIME...
When I'm watching it until eps 6.......I got an idea of making a gag manga from it.

Pairing : SuzaLulu

So...enjoy XD

indonesia version )

english version )

Mmmm, for the Indonesian version....I'm shivering when type the words in page 2.....WHAT THE....OMG, too embarassing -___-;;;;
And for the English version....sorry for my broken English ^^;;;

And, for Reborn Art Meme....

KHR art meme )

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Image Hosted by


GOKUDERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! 襲いたくなっちゃうじゃない~~!!??

--> Yamamoto's inner voice XD


Sure does, Shueisha and the animator giving us (too) lots of fan services~~~!!! Megane-kun version of Gokudera (Tsuna , Hibari and Mukuro) so cute too~~~!!!!


Image Hosted by


I don't know what else I have to say about them............
I'm so glad drowning into this fandom, and I'm so glad into 8059 pairing!!!!


Ah, the pic from 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!Let's暗殺!?狙われた10代目!
A PS2 game of KHR ^^
And that SEXYHOT's a new illust for KHR merchandises...a cushion.

Can you imagine!!??? That kind of illust becoming a cushion!!?? Sure I won't let it go from my hand!!!! X3
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Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Just editing the conversation balloon, hasn't finished, yet ^^;;;
I still don't know about the title, but the story based on Guardian of The Storm's Battle. Yamamoto feel uneasy and worried when he saw Gokudera's battle. Reborn ordered him to calm down. Yamamoto knows that, but still...
Didn't have any intention to make it into R18, but maybe there's a kiss scene...well, just give it R15 rating ^^;;
Pairing : Yamamoto X Gokudera, Dino X Hibari

Eyeshield 21
Five pages gag of Eyeshield 21. Haven't touch my pen to lining it ^^;;;
The title is Mental War, based on Deimon VS Ojo when their discussing how to beat Shin (and ofcourse Ojo) in their new Devil Bats' trailer when entering half time ^^
Pairing : Musashi X Hiruma, Hiruma Uke

ACTUALLY!!!! There's Tenipuri (Ootori X Shishido, have to end it on vol.3!!), Sengoku BASARA (Masamune X Yukimura), Suikoden V (Georg X Ouji...I forgot who's the official name for Ouji), FFVII ADC and Wild Half (Salsa X Taketo) too, but I haven't scanned it, yet ^^;;
And I think I'll cancel the publishing of FFVII ADC and Wild Half, although it's already finished. When I read it again, I realized that it's too weird ^^;;;

ACTUALLY!!!! I want to make Darker Than Black (Li X Hei) and Persona3 (Ryoji X Minato, Minato Uke) too, but I think I couldn't make it in time.

ps : And, yes!! It's in Indonesian, so I'm really sorry for you who doesn't understand *bow*
It's just feels more fun if I'm using my own language ^^
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Title : Mou Omae no Egao o Miru noga Deki ya Shinai ~ Gokudera Hen ~
Fandom : Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Pairing : Gokudera Hayato --> Yamamoto Takeshi
Timeline : The world of 10 years later when they’re becoming true mafias
Warning : Death contents
Disclaimer : KHR is belongs to Amano Akira daisensei!! *bow*
a/n : Sorry if I wrote it in Japanese, it’s just…feels more good if I made it in this language ^^;;; I’m making the fonts color just like Yamamoto’s eyes

It’s a continuation from the same title in Yamamoto’s side

Gokudera ga Hanareteita Yamamoto ni... )


I always forgot to upload this although it's already finish in 2 days after the Yamamoto version's ^^;;;
Sorry to kept you in long waiting, [ profile] nei_saku ^^;;;
Thank you for the comment, [ profile] nishitamachi, [ profile] nei_saku *hug*

And I'm really sorry, I don't have any intention to translate it into English, not because I didn't want to, but my English...

Uwaaa...I realized it was looks like Yamamoto's birthday fic!! Although it's a sad ending ^^;;;
Suimase~~n -_-;;
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Etto, it's based on Japanese fic of Katekyou Hitman REBORN! that I read. I already have the permission to draw this art from the writer ^^

The title is 失いたくないモノby Ayako ^^
The story was so full with painful (I'm sorry I really love angst) -_-

Gokudera has been raped by a man...which's cause mentality damage to him. He was only forgot about Yamamoto, his lover. He though Yamamoto already die, killed by the man who raped him -_-
Chapter by chapter Tsuna and Gokudera will ...and the reality brings Yamamoto to fell from his baseball regular position...

WTFSHIT!!! I already predicted the story was gonna be like that, but I didn't predicted about Tsuna!! Wuooooohhh!!! *dies*
Someone please, I need gag or rabu-rabu story -_-

the pic )

This Ayako person was really great to make story, really loves her story line X3
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Yahhooo~~!!! Last Friday, [ profile] scratchbook asked me to eat all you can eat sushi in Santa. Well, because it's a long time I didn't eat sushi too, so I agree to come with them (Yudho, [ profile] tonomurajiro and [ profile] synleezz). But don't know why, I couldn't eat much, only about 10-15 pieces -_-;;;

And then, because we're going to be treating by [ profile] chibishun in the next day, so...I ended up at scratchbook's house. Like always, we're watching Bleach Musical and some of pnish-on. She really desperate to drown me into RP...nope, into TxN ^^;;;
Although I already loves that pairing from the begining, esp Tutty!! X3

AND!!! [ profile] nishitamachi!!! 2 years later, after you're come back here, I'll definitely take you into karaoke box that shun took us there!! OMG!!! It's really up to date, even for the anime's songs were stopped at October last year, though. But there's Death Note and Gintama's OP ED!! Even Juuohsei also there!! X3

Try to draw Minato from Persona 3. Hahaha, I drawed it when I want to go to sleep, so...sorry for the mess, just sketch ^^;;

Persona 3 -- Minato Sketch )

Sousou...I got these as present from Shueisha Natsucomi 2007. This year was book cover, after last year's clear file and 2 years ago's shitajiki ^^

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! )

One Piece )

Kimi ni Todoke )

Chocomimi )

Nishitamachi...if you want me to take it for you, I'll do it ^^
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