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- Capslock and trilingual language (English, Japanese, Indonesian/Bahasa).
- Screencaps (around 211 pics, but in low res).
- It could be spoiler of Sengoku BASARA anime vers eps 1

Before I begin, I would like to thank to [ profile] miyuun-dono who posted the link of nico-nico's ripped [TBS] Sengoku BASARA anime vers. eps. 1.
(Nico-nico is a Japanese streaming video site. I found some SPN eps in Japanese dubbing vers in here and it was... well... hahahaha ^^;;;)


Are you ready, guys!!?? Let's party!!!! )

Best Quotes:
Masamune: "Dokugan-ryuu wa DATE janee tte koto da, you see?"
Shingen: "Yukimura yo, kisama mo deotta ka"
Yukimura: "Nanto iu haki... nanto iu toushi... nanto iu... tsuyosa..."

Best Scenes:
Dancing Samurai on OP theme (it's not Kamui Gakupo from VOCALOID, OK? XD)
Until The Next Fight (Takeda armies and Uesugi armies in Kawanakajima's Battle).
After War (Date armies on Sakura's hill).

Since there's still only one tactic in this episode (Date of Oshu VS Hojo in Odawara Castle's Battle), so I won't nominate it XD

Holy shit, it's already past 2 years since the last time I've played the game, but I still remember the name of the battles XDDDDDD
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I know... Mikishin is good, he's a great and senior seiyuu, I like him, honestly, I really like his voice, but...

BRING BACK MY OKAWA TOHRU~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though, at least I still could hear his voice in Sengoku BASARA (as Tokugawa Ieyasu), but still... *heavy sighs*
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Holy shit!! Holy shit!!!!!! I'm shivering when hearing his voice in this PV this time. Maybe because it's been a long time I didn't hear his voice X3

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF with my connection in this 2 months!!!!???
I couldn't open photobucket, imageshack, flickr or anything similar with those!!!!
I couldn't open LJ now. I'm updating from semagic and I couldn't see what it does looks like -___________-
Hope, tomorrow I can open it, I miss my LJ's friends...
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* 伊達政宗:中井和哉 (Date Masamune: Nakai Kazuya)
* 真田幸村:保志総一朗 (Sanada Yukimura: Hoshi Shoichirou)
* 片倉小十郎:森川智之 (Katakura Kojuurou: Morikawa Toshiyuki)
* 武田信玄:玄田哲章 (Takeda Shingen: Genda Tesshou)
* 猿飛佐助:子安武人 (Sarutobi Sasuke: Koyasu Takehito)
* 上杉謙信:朴璐美 (Uesugi Kenshin: Paku Romi)
* かすが:桑谷夏子 (Kasuga: Kuwatani Natsuko)
* 浅井長政:辻谷耕史 (Asai Nagamasa: Tsujitani Kouji)
* お市:能登麻美子 (Oichi: Noto Mamiko)
* 明智光秀:速水奨 (Akechi Mitsuhide: Hayami Shou)
* 森蘭丸:下和田裕貴 (Mouri Ranmaru: Shimowada Hiroki)
* 濃姫:日野由利加 (Nouhime: Hino Yurika)
* 織田信長:若本規夫 (Oda Nobunaga: Wakamoto Norio)

Still same like in the game. Can't wait to hear Nakai's voice again X3
For you who didn't play it, it's adaptation from a battle adventure game by CAPCOM with the same title. It took place in Sengoku wars, but with a massive CRACK of characters. You want to hear Date Masamune speaking in half English and Sanada Yukimura in burning mode? It's only happen in here *ROFL*

Anyway, maybe some of my flist already knew, but I have a thing about histrorical and legend. Yeah, I know, I kinda a geek of myself and I'm proud of it *grins*



Paku Romi as Edward Elric
Kugimiya Rie as Alphonse Elric
Takamoto Megumi (1st season Toyoguchi Megumi) as Winry Rockbell
Miki Shinichiro (1st season Ookawa Tohru) as Roy Mustang
Orikasa Fumiko (1st season Neya Michiko) as Riza Hawkeye
Utsumi Kenji as Alex Louis Armstrong
Fujiwara Keiji as Maes Hughes
Ueda Yuuji (1st season Matsumoto Yasunori) as Jean Havoc
Hamada Kenji (1st season Murozono Takehiro) as Vato Falman
Nazuka Kaori (1st season Saiga Mitsuki) as Maria Ross
Shibata Hidekatsu as King Bradley
Miyake Kenta (1st season Okiayu Ryoutarou) as Scar
Inoue Kikuko (1st season Satou Yuuko) as Lust
Shiratori Tetsu (1st season Takato Yasuhiro) as Gluttony
Takayama Minami (1st season Yamaguchi Mayumi) as Envy
Yoshino Hiroyuki (1st season Ueda Yuuji) as Wolf J. Kimblee
Yamadera Kouichi as Isaac

Some of the CV has been change... and I don't like that, especially Miki Shinichirou who's replacing Okawa Tohru's place as The Flame Alchemist (Roy Mustang) -____-
I know BONES and Square Enix probably had their own reason to change them, but, but, but, but... oh, well... looks like Roy's voice will be more womanizer than he used to be... -______-


And last... some of my friends already know about this, and I think I should tell you too, though maybe you don't care about it *LOL*

I already make up my mind to find a new job. And I'm in the middle of making some portfolios now.

OK, done. See you later, alligator XDD
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Sign in just wanna say...

Happy Birthday!!!![ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l!!!!!

Uuuumm, I draw something for you... but don't know why I can't upload it in photobucket nor everywhere, so... I'll post it next time, sorry ^^;;
And!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VALENTINE VIRTUAL GIFT!!!!!!!!! *hugs tight*
Since I don't have credit card, so I couldn't reply you, but... I've draw you something. In my next entry, I'll post both your valentine and birthday gifts *hugs*


Happy belated Birthday!!!! Nakamura Yuuichi!!!
February, 20th

Have you celebrated it with your FRIEND and friends, yet? *grins*

That strawberry cake looks so yummy, I want it too~~!!!!

Angen-san (Yasumoto Hiroki)!!! Why you haven't update your BLOG!!?? Did you give Yuukyan a birthday present? Or just another visit to his apartment and celebrating it together like usual? And Sugitan!! You didn't missed his birthday party again this time, right?
I haven't hearing DGS for this 6 months, so I don't know how's your guys doing except your newest job on anime, game and BL drama CD (that I haven't download from September last year).

If I'm not wrong... [ profile] nei_saku had told me that there's Yocchin x Angen drama cd?? Uuuummmmm , I never hear Angen as UKE before, makes me wonder is he good???
Better check the BL DRAMA forum to grab it. Though, I really need to hear Yuukyan's uke ero voices right now...


Anyway... I found this APH art meme in pixiv.


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I've translate the name, the original was in katakana ^^
This is my first time to draw other charas beside US, UK and Japan. So tired yet so fun ^^


Oh, BTW... I kinda busy (?) right now. So, I won't be able to keep in touch with you guys for some time. Kinda miss LJ, but hey... what can I say? ^^;;
After I finish with these whole fuckin' things, I'll be back... maybe. Don't miss me *grins*
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Happy 35th Birthday, Yoshino Hiroyuki!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

大好き!!愛してる!!!結婚してください!!!! *妄想*

I wish you to keep up the good work on your seiyuu career!!! I REALLY AM FELL IN LOVE WITH YOUR VOICE AT FIRST!!! HONESTLY!!! X3

Uwaaaaah, already 35 but you didn't look like 35, neee~~~~♪
I wonder will he read my birthday e-mail that I've sent this early morning on his radio prgram? I guess not ^^

And also!!!

Happy 30th Birthday, Tsuchiya Yuuichi!!!!

I wish you to keep success on stage and let that forehead pika pika forever!!!!!

[ profile] scracthbook, thank you very much to helped me out to post his birthday congrat on his BLOG. Damn connection, always couldn't open ameblo... why~~!!!?? -__-

*back to work*
'Cmon [ profile] shiroki_kun!! 3 chapters to go!!! You can do it~~!!!!
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Nande ore ga Nihon ni sundenakatta no yoooooo!!!?????

Kyou no flist o minakereba yokatta yooooo!!!!!!

Offical Event Site

Yocchin ga iru noni, Nakapan ga iru noni, ikitai mon!! Sanka shitai moooon~~!!!! Yocchin ni aitai moooon!!! Nakapan ni aitai moooon!!!!

NANDE JAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Mogita mo iru, Konitan mo iru, Matsukaze Masaya mo iru, Okin mo, Bejun mo, Minajun mo~~!!!

*too deppresed too activate the language bar to write it down in Japanese characters*

Anyway... this is event from Bakumatsu Renka series. I hope there will be the DVD version and hope someone will UL it... =_____=

I'm participating as an artist in here ^^


Jan. 13th, 2009 10:55 am
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Last night it rained very hard. I couldn't sleep cause worrying how if the flood really come when I'm sleeping. Thank God all my cats already came home and sleeping inside. And when the sun comes up, slowly the rain's stoped too. I'm waiting for the announcement from the nearest mosque to get prepare to evacuate if the water level in the canal near my house is entering the highest point.
I really hoping there's no flood no more. Especially this year, cause I haven't moving out my stuffs to my mom's house -___-
Jeez, why the flood thing becoming routines every time entering January?

And, [ profile] sukiyakiya. This is Fukujun (Fukuyama Jun)'s clear file that you asked me to scan for. Sorry, I always forgot to giving it to you every time we're gathering. Or maybe because lately I didn't bring my laptop with me so I forgetting it ^^;;;

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I didn't do anything with the level and brightness, so you go it for yourself, 'kay *grins*

And currently I'm hating myself to not be able to finishing my job properly... I'm really such a trash...

[EDIT]The SPN doujinshi that I've ordering from [ profile] festivewind just came!!! And with Xmas card from you, [ profile] ckll!!!!! *the mailman had just gone from my house to fulfill his duty*
Thank you very much!!!! It'll be lighten my day!!!! *hugs both of you*
Ah, and last Saturday the MP3/MP4 player + cellphone from my friend in Ireland as Xmas gifts already came too!!! *love you*


Jan. 8th, 2009 10:26 pm
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Today, I'm opening many tabs of my browser ^^;;


Ah, there's also YM chating window with [ profile] sukiyakiya ^^;;

Anyway, let's begin picspam since I'm kinda boring and don't know what to do after finishing my job for today, pheew.

jared padalecki & jensen ackles. mostly jensen, though )

colin morgan and bradley james & santiago cabrera. mostly bradley, though )

seiyuu a.k.a voice actor )

OK then, I wanna grab somehing to eat. It almost midnight and I haven't even take my lunch, yet ^^;;;
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You can see the translation in here

Origin source was from Nico Nico Douga.

Congratulation Mamo-chan!!!!

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If you understand Japanese, Wiki Japan gives us more accurate infos of him ^^

They haven't update about this, and I'm curious whose the lucky girl is. My friend said they're already together since teenage X3
Kawaii naaa~~~!!!
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