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Ehem, I know the hype is over, and I know I'm damn late to review this, but I don't care since I could write anything properly when I'm still can't get over it.
Well, not that I'm going to make a full decent preview about the movie, tho.

All I wanna say is, JENSEN, BB!!! YOU'RE PERFECT IN RED HOOD!!!!
You're gaining new fans outside Supernatural yooo!! X3

another one )

I watched UtRH with [personal profile] sukiyakiya and [personal profile] brain_floss, we really tried our best to not watching it by our own, even for skimming. Well, it did ended three of us skimmed it anyway, tho. Horray for curiousity LOL
ANYWAY, since I'm the only one who has a different off day, so we're waiting until I have the same off day like the others, which's August 17th (which was also supposed to be a meet up with other Supernatural fans *starring at a certain person who canceled it suddenly*).

My fave scenes in that movie are (besides *cough* panting Jason, off course *cough*) the And doing it because... because he took me away from you scene and the This is the best day of my life! scene. And I almost crying in those two, but couldn't since I was watching it with the girls ^^;;;;
After I got home I re-watching it and sobbing... XP

The first phrase was so Dean!! Me and [personal profile] sukiyakiya thought the same thing about his voice on that line.
"Well, I bet he just snorts and thinking 'Just going with the Dean-Sam scene like always, then?' when reading the manuscript"

To be honest, sometime I'm still playing those scenes for the sake of angstiness. It can be my muses to make an angst story, so... why not ^^;;

Also, I'm really looking forward for Supernatural: The animation

*hosh hosh hosh hosh hosh hosh*

Ehem, sorry, anyway,

They're still using the same seiyuu (dubbers) from the TV series S03 and up (Dean Winchester CV: Touchi Hiroki, Sam Winchester CV: Uchida Yuuya). Thank God they're not using those idols from S01 and S02. They're so lousy, just like reading a manuscript!!! For Godsake!!! -____________-

(source: spinoff comic book resources)


Apr. 16th, 2009 05:40 pm
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One of my plurk flists has posted this...

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension



The most adorkable pic on my plurk's time line for today X3333333333333
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Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 The Movie on 2010.

Thank you, [ profile] chibishun ^^

Sengoku BASARA anime PV 4

HOLY CHRIST!!!!!! THE FIGHTING SCENE~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I expected from Production IG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaahh... the L.A con report... the L.A con vids... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, there's so many to downloads....
Jared and Jensen wearing a similar outfit again, didn't they hehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehehe

Too much informations for the moment in this too early morning...
I'm too excited, wonder can I sleep well now ^^;;;
Anyway, goodnight, will be going to bed now *nyaaaaawn*
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Caps by [ profile] sukiyakiya.
I just have to post these...
Jared in Cheaper by The Dozen. SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3

Nyuuuuuu nyuuuuu Jared ♥♥♥♥
I loves his hair~~~ ♥♥
I like him more with bangs X3

more cuteness )

crack merlin's casts )

cooking lord )

[EDIT]I'm participating as an artist in here ^^

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I'm dying every time to see him smiling!!! *flails*

Anyway, if I'm not wrong this was Jen's newest picture, right? Hhhhhh, long time no see since the hiatus begin (>.<)

When MBV's screening pics were up, I was about to going to [ profile] meine_liebe's birthday party (I'm just wondering, why the rest of ORC's members were there? I thought you're just inviting Yudhi, Yudho (with their wife) and Alfons ^^;;;
O' well, none of my business XD).

Oh yeah, back to the topic, and because of that, I haven't commenting on those who uploaded those pics and the vids from several talk shows on [ profile] dean_sam at all. And it's already Saturday, Sunday, I mean *look at the watch*
I guess I have to skip 2 or 3 pages to go to those threads again ^^;;

[ profile] tonomurajiro is sleeping at my house now. She said she'll going home on Sunday morning cause have to wash her laundries. Hmm let's see about that *grins*

Anyway, Ucrid already got back!!! Yaaay!! And he's sooo dirty and full of wounds... -____-
He keeps asking me to let him go outside, but I didn't let him. And now he's sleeping on his bed again. I raised him since he was a kitten, hell no I let him become an alley cat!! XP

OK then. I'm off now, see you around tomorrow, I mean, on morning. And first thing to do when I get back online is... go to the comm again. There's something I want to make sure about Jen's words on one of the talk show. Was it just my ear or he did saying that...

Ja mata


Jan. 8th, 2009 10:26 pm
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Today, I'm opening many tabs of my browser ^^;;


Ah, there's also YM chating window with [ profile] sukiyakiya ^^;;

Anyway, let's begin picspam since I'm kinda boring and don't know what to do after finishing my job for today, pheew.

jared padalecki & jensen ackles. mostly jensen, though )

colin morgan and bradley james & santiago cabrera. mostly bradley, though )

seiyuu a.k.a voice actor )

OK then, I wanna grab somehing to eat. It almost midnight and I haven't even take my lunch, yet ^^;;;
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New Year Art Trade with [ profile] sukiyakiya.
Like I've told you yesterday, I draw her Dean and Sam, and she draw me Arthur and Merlin *grins*
The deal is I banned her to draw in chibi (SD = Super Deform) style, and she commanded me to draw a or some cows on it... -__-

Arthur and Merlin

She forgot to write the "Happy New year", so I just added it ^^

And mine is... Just click on the banner and see it for yourself.
Or you can see it on her LJ, if you're on her flists ^^


Sorry for the lame background... I just don't know what I have to put in there m(_ _)m
And yeah, Dean is drooling over the cow...
Supernatural is the first RP fandom that I draw, so sorry if it didn't look so good ^^;;;
Also I'm not good in drawing Sam... -___-

The Evolution of Moccha )

Last but not least, Portrait Magazine January issue's cover is... TADAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ENG ING EEEENG!!!


And the article about him is in here
Quote: "I think the audience feels how much Jared and I like being together”

Jensen banzai!!! Jensen Banzai!!!! JENSEN BANZAI!!!

Also for Merlin or Colin Morgan or Bradley James' fans... check this out!!!
Bradley always write a personal message in every reply. It's makes me love him more, so cute. And sometime he can be so narcissistic too ^^;;;
Bradley's photo on his agency's site so cool... so handsome... soo... hhhhhhh X3

And, Jakarta is in rainy season now, don't know why I'm really pretty sure we'll sink again in flood. So, if I don't show up about a month or more, that's mean the flood is really come again. Oh, jeez, if it so, I'll have to clean all the mess again...

I just...

Dec. 28th, 2008 05:54 pm
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...hate when my server down! Well, who doesn't?

So, I re-upload all of the pictures of my LJ's layout to photobucket then repaired the link.
And because I've realized from the first time I'm using this layout that it's tiny icons didn't work well, so I've tried to repaired it by myself, cause well probably it'll took some time for the creator to answer my question and repair the code, that's why.
Actually only the comm tiny icon that doesn't show up. Every time I'm using the comm code, the baldie man that appear was the same as the user tiny icon's. So, I'm browsing through LJ to find the right code or just to reading the step-by-step CSS, since I'm totally a beginner on CSS ^^;;

I've tried many time and ended up failed a lot. Then I realized there's some missing code on it. I've tried to fix it, but it still not good.
And when I was just had enough, I'm trying once again before I really, really, really giving up, and...


I DID IT!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO~~!!! A lot of effort sure did brings something, indeed.

Actually, there's another missing CSS code, I presume...

Read more... )

I'm sure it has the same code with above, but I still haven't check it out, yet, PLUS!!! My eyes are too tired to looking all of the codes there ^^;;;

I saw [ profile] ckll had posted these on [ profile] dean_sam and I die because of its, many thanks to you, sweetie.

jensen, jensen and jensen... ooh, there's jared with him too *grin* )

I don't know how many souls left do I have now because of these *guling-guling*
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8 Days Meme

Day 6
Monday, Dec 15th

Taken from [ profile] fehrlybrendan

Hottie Jen

*lick Jen*
......................ANJING JEN-NYA~~!!!!! *pesen transfusi darah yg baru n banyak dr rumah sakit terdekat*

OK~~!! I'm still not sure want to watch My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday The 13th at the cinema or just wait for the DVD.
First! I don't like gore movie. I love blood, but I don't like gore... -__-
Second! The boys on it!! I'm sure it will be terrific to see them on wide screen hehehehehe X3

On second thought, I'll watch it on the cinema. *drag [ profile] sukiyakiya no matter she'll scream out loud or not*
Anyone join us? I mean, in Indonesia of course. *glance at [ profile] rusalka_69, [ profile] kiraraeye, [ profile] ala_tariel and [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l* *grin*
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Beautiful isn't it? It's Okinawa seashore, look familiar? Well, if you're playing FFVIII and FFX maybe this picture rang the bell. Maybe SQUARE ENIX getting inspirated by this scenery, MAYBE!!

I got a weird dream again about J2!!! And one weird or should I say irritating dream!?

OK, we go from the irritating first.
I dream of there's 20 millions in my bank account, and then I got another 20 millions from... I forgot from whom, I just got it. Then I woke up, thanks God!!

Now, the nice one. Well, not a really nice either, though... -__-
Well, like usual it's so absurd and short, but at least I saw those two together *grin*
I'm standing beside a bench, I think I'm in some kind of shopping mall, but I dunno. It has a roof but there's traffic inside... where the hell am I?? Well, never mind that, it's happen only in dreams ^^;;

Then suddenly I heard girls screaming and when I look a side I saw lots of people there. There's Jared pulling Jensen's hand just like told him to walk faster, both of them have paper bag holding on their hand. I stunned there for a while, couldn't believe what I saw, but when I decided to join the crowd, I can't move. I was unable to leave the place where I'm standing. It just like my feet attached with the pavement...
I feel like a wandering ghost who couldn't leave the place where I died ^^;;;

Then I woke up... thanks to Ucrid who jumped on my stomach and asking for a breakfast... -__-
Well, at least I saw those two hehehe. Hey, wasn't it a little bit similar with my previous dream when Jared pulling Jensen to stayed out from the crowd?

OK, it's time for the meme again here.

A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
B. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Tagged by [ profile] jali_jali

mmmeeeeemmmeeeeee )

I'm tagging, [ profile] ckll, [ profile] ala_tariel, [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l, [ profile] scratchbook, [ profile] tonomurajiro, [ profile] ivles, [ profile] fir3cracker, [ profile] nishitamachi.

I had a quite wonderful weekend~~!!!

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AAAHHH!! It's already 04:44AM!!!! I should get to sleep!!! Have to wake up on 08:00AM !!!

See ya~~!!!♪♪
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