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Today is the day!!
I'm so nervous, you don't even know.
I couldn't sleep and I woke up so early because of the nervousness FML

The preparation is done, I'm packing and repacking thinking that my luggage was too much for 4 nights 3 days ^^;;;
Well, we're planning to wear Black & Black + Pink apron, no wonder it's kinda heavy LOL

Anyway, wish me luck!!
And too bad my portfolio for MARVEL isn't ready, yet.
I really want to apply as their inker, but all of my portfolios were in A5 and they're so DC-ish ^^;;



Price: US$ 6 (SG$ 8 at STGCC)
Size: A5 (copy book) B/W
Contents: 5 comics and 5 illustrations
Available at: STGCC (Singapore) on December 10th-12th and probably Comic Market 79 (Japan) on December 30th.

For you who can't make it to both events, just click on HOW TO ORDER tab at our Anthology Project BLOG.

Except this anthology, you do still remember our 1920 Hetalia Anthology project, right? We're going to sell it on the same event.
Actually our first intention to participate this STGCC event was to sell the Hetalia's. This Amecomi Anthology only an additional ^^

OK then, ta-ta now.
Singaporeans, let's meet there!! \o/
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After been through a lot of things with RL and some of nature disasters in my country, I can't believe it I could done this project!!! *wipes tears*

For further information you could check this project BLOG or just simply stalking my journal LOLZ

Size: A5 (copy book) B/W
Contents: 4 comics and 4 illustrations
Available in: STGCC (Singapore) at December 10th-12th and probably Comic Market 79 (Japan) at December 30th.
Just pray that Indonesia post not being a douche this time *crossfingers*

As for online order... just check on the BLOG, I'll update more later ^^
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As the title said,

Happy very belated Birthday, [personal profile] sukiyakiya!!!!
Here your request~!!

Title: Too Late
Fandom: DCU, Amecomi
Pairing: Hal Jordan (Green Lantern II), Barry Allen (The Flash II)
Disclaimer: I own nothing!!
a/n: Based on Told You So by Jesse McCartney


srsly, this pairing needs moar love!! )

And thank you for your KonTimDamian gift too, bb ^^
You could see hers in HERE!!!
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SDCC sure did bring lots of new news to us. Good news and bad news.

from SPN panel )

from DC panel )

Now, let's move on to another good news. The book of 1920 Hetalia Anthology has arrived!!! BANZAI!!!


Thank you for all buyers who waiting patiently.
About the shipment and further information, please stay tune on 1920anthology.

And now, I think I'm going to be murdered by some of my flist 'coz I haven't done their birthday art but already done with the fictionals, instead, but...


Happy belated Birthday Tim Drake!! July 19th is your day, baby bird ^^
Done with COPIC.
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Axis Powers Hetalia comic+fic Anthology

which combined fancomics + fanfictions from
some of the most talented individuals
in Hetalia LJ fandom

It's all started couple months ago (after AFA if I wasn't wrong) when I was bitching how I miss to make a doujinshi and sell it on the event again. Then jali_jali blurt out her idea about making a Hetalia Anthology that she's been willing to make from a long time ago.
At that time we weren't sure, yet about it. But in our next meet up, I just said like, "Oh fuck sake! Let's do this!!" And then in our next meet up she came up with her brilliants [1920s theme] idea, no srsly, you're awesome, bb!!!

She's start to contacting talented artists and writers at Hetalia Community and keeps cross fingering it would come up with a good responses.
AND!! Here 'ya go!! Take a peek on the list!

Lineup Artists

Lineup Writers


If you're interested to getting a copy, you may check 1920 Anthology Official BLOG for more details.
Or just simply click THIS LINK.

And for Indonesian citizens and/or those who are currently living in Indonesia.
Just go to THIS LINK for alternative payment method.



*goes to pimp this in my other accs... oh shoot, I should translate this into Japanese also*
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A sample of my work on [1920] Hetalia Anthology Project.
That will going to be sell at Singapore Toys Game Comic Convention (STGCC) on December 10-12th.

Pair: Denmark/Norway + my other fave pairs.
Rate: PG13
Language: English

Preorder will be start to open on June 5th.
I will put the link to the preorder page on the website later.

Thank you ^^


Apr. 25th, 2010 07:22 pm
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Been long time didn't update DW XDD;;;
Well, peoples who could catch me on Y!M, MSN, FB, plurk or twitter maybe already know what am I doing, anyway, I'm doing fine!!

From last week me and some of my friends spamming Adrie Subono (an Indonesian promotor whose managing foreign artists to come to Indonesia) on twitter so he could make up his mind to bring Adam Lambert into Jakarta or not! One of his tweeted said that there's some pro and contra about my bb. Geez, was it just his accuse for not inviting Adam here? Kinda dilemma to ask a favor of my foreign f-lists about this... (a.k.a to spam Adrie) -_____-

April is a rough month for me, lots of workshop inside and outside Jakarta every week. On April 30th I'm going to Makassar, back again to Jakarta on May 1st noon, go straight to [profile] scratchbook's house to take a bath, get dress, make up and then we will going to [profile] fairiesgonenuts's bro's wedding party at 7:00 PM. ME DEAD!!!!!!!! Onegai, please lemme stay at your house until Monday, scratchbook!! *puppy eyes*
But well, I know it's going to be fun, though ^^

Nyway!! I bring a fanart of Kiben Gakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan, a horror mystery comic on Weekly Jump mag that I reading it now.
The chara kinda reminded me of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and the art and the nuanse of the story kinda similar with Mononoke.

Yotsuya-senpai and his slave, Makoto-chan LOL


Next event will take a place on Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention this December 10-12 at Suntec - SG.
And yes, I will go there with some of friends. As far as I know, [profile] jali_jali and [personal profile] sukiyakiya will going too. How bout you, [personal profile] runesque?

I'll update again about what am I going to sell ^^


You know, this STGCC is brought by the same event organizer and creators of NYCC (New York Comic Con) and the C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). They (US) invited actors and actrees to the con for promoting the films they're on. If, IF STGCC going to invite actors too I only demand from my fave TV series ever!! LOL
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Anyone watching this anime? Read the novel and manga?
The name for ShizuIza (4213) VD one shot, but the VD itself already passed.
I'm so slow at work... *sobs*
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Here! Have 4 pages manga of that cute bros that I quick made (only in 4 days) for exchange gift with the SPN/J2 fellas XD

Been long time didn't draw manga, forgive the messy -_____-

(Goes to my LJ)

Forget the engagement rumors!!! We know their feelings and soon will be marry each other after the show is done. Or is it just me who was thinking like that? ^^;;;

Anyway, I'm planning to make a colab Supernatural Quartet Card with my friend.
There will be a limited edition set, just stay tune, 'kay XD
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KIDS NOWADAYS... *facepalms*

At least, you could open wiki if you're not sure what are you doing... orz
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