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SDCC sure did bring lots of new news to us. Good news and bad news.

From SPN panel...


We got hugging J2 again!!!!
I'm flail on this already on YM with [personal profile] sukiyakiya yesterday.

From DC panel...

We got trailer of Young Justice animated series and characters.
Which I feels betrayed by DC, ONCE AGAIN!!!
According to this article, it's Robin!Dick NOT Robin!Tim -_________-
For GOD SAKE DC!!! That was Tim's style, that was Tim's sunglasses, that was Tim's COSTUME!!!! The hell his brothers always wearing his costumes!!!?? *staring intently on Jason and Dick*
Not that I hate the previous Robins, but...
Anyway, I'm just going to pretend it is Tim when I'm watching it, just like Under the Hood. Also the Kid Flash is going to be Wally, not Bart -____-
I'm feeling there'll be lots of fanart or djs of KonDick based on this Earth 16 YJ later.

Now, let's move on to another good news. The book of 1920 Hetalia Anthology has arrived!!! BANZAI!!!


Thank you for all buyers who waiting patiently.
About the shipment and further information, please stay tune on 1920anthology.

And now, I think I'm going to be murdered by some of my flist 'coz I haven't done their birthday art but already done with the fictionals, instead, but...


Happy belated Birthday Tim Drake!! July 19th is your day, baby bird ^^
Done with COPIC.

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