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Last Dec 24 [ profile] onikotsu posted on [ profile] es21_yaoi that she will do drabble request. Just give comment which character or pairing and prompt what we wanna read and she'll write a drabble 100+ words. So, I just re-post this for Eyeshield 21 fans on my flists to enjoy it...

Fandom: Eyeshield 21
Pairing: black!Sena x Hiruma. Yep!! Sena seme!! And yep, I'm into Hiruma uke *grins*
Author: [ profile] onikotsu
Note: Ignored the timeline hahahahaha

Hiruma watched as Sena wobbled slightly, really the kid was such a fucking light weight. Monta and Taki had collapsed into a pile snoring laboriously after trying to see who could out drink the other. The three brothers, the suppliers of the alcohol, had had a few themselves and then mysteriously disappeared together but it was Christmas so he could pass up the opportunity to gather more blackmail and just stay here in the casino room.

He took another sip of his own drink as he watched Sena walk towards him with a happy little smile on his face and a flush painting his cheeks. Damn Hiruma loved Sena usual almost helpless state and seeing him like this made him want to do all kinds of indecent thing to his little lover. Sena plopped himself down on his lap and made himself comfortable, much to the enjoyment of Hiruma. From across the room Kurita noticed what was going on and looked ready to come over and get Sena off him but Hiruma glared at him telling him to back off. He was suddenly glad that both of the women had already left for the night as he watched Sena finish his drink before cuddling closer and looking up and him.

“I have something to show you Hiruma.”

Hiruma raised an eyebrow as the running back pointed up at the ceiling before looking up to be greeted by a clump of mistletoe hanging above them, strategically placed over his usual seat. He smirked before looking down at his fucking running back and asking playfully, “Aren’t you a sneaky little devil?”

Sena giggled happily, “I learned from the best. Merry Christmas.”

Hiruma kissed him before he could say anything else and then dragged him out of the clubhouse, he couldn’t wait to get home and start unwrapping his present.


Hiruma struggled against the ribbons and cursed in annoyance, he really had taught the fucking chibi too well. The drunk act had been very convincing, making him lower his guard just enough to give Sena the chance to tie up his arms with this damn red ribbon. Sena giggled again, not so innocently this time and straddled his bucking hips. He held up a set of fuzzy reindeer antlers and placed them on Hiruma’s head before putting a Santa hat on his own. He leaned over so his breath was coasting hotly into one pointed ear and said,

“You be the reindeer I'll be Santa and I’ll ride you.”
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First I want to say...


I'm sorry for using Japanese, it just...I'm too exciting and happy for their successful... *crying*

Last week I didn't have time to online, damn!! It should be posted before R2 on air, but oh well...
That's why, while waiting for the sub, I'm posting what have I drawed in this couple of months about R2, including the manga, although not all of it (I know many of you would not like it if I'm posting too much illusts) since I couldn't online everyday to posting count down's illust, even I wanted to ^^;;

R2 manga )

BTW, Lelouch feeling relief because he always just wanted of Suzaku's health and safety, that's why he could showing that kind of smile. Ummm, maybe in R2 it won't be happen? I drawed this when I'm still don't know about Lelouch has lost his geass in this past 1 year, after the shooting in Kaminejima. It's just only my though, but maybe he also forgetting about Nunally and Suzaku too... Maaaan, as if I can watch it on time too... -__-

knight of seven, kururugi suzaku )

In R2 Suzaku becoming like ZERO ^^;;
And don't know why in official illust, he's starting to show us his sexyness like Lelouch always do...Suzaku, I know you don't want to lose from ZERO no matter what, but, you don't have to do that too, you know. You already sexy in the way you are ^^;;

knight of three, gino weinberg, knight of six, anya aalstraim, and rollo lamperouge )

Knight of Rounds are just like a sentai group ^^;;
I wonder if Lelouch will hoeeeeing if he saw them, since he really loves tokusatsu and super heroes like that 7 (or maybe now 8) years ago XD

And finally, the main chara!!! XD

zero )

Is a good thing that he has a new costume, since the first one so ridiculous ^^;;;
The line on his chest it makes him look more slender...X3
...Ini g gambarna kurang panjang badannya or kegedean pinggulnya, ya... ^^;;;;;;;

Image Hosted by

Persona 4!!! In PS2!!!! Yahhooooo~~!!!!
When I'm watching the PV, only one word that pop out from my mind...YELLOW XD
In Persona 3 we were fighting in Tartarus, our own school which transformed into labyrinth battle field dungeon every 23:00 o'clock, but in Persona 4, we're entering the labyrinth via TV in rainy day when the time showed 23:00. And we should wearing glasses to able to fighting in there...fetish? XD

The main chara already back into SEME type!! XD
Hell yeah, the most UKE in Persona series was Minato. Well, the first was uke too, but Minato more uke than him (although their CV was same) ^^;;
Main chara's CV is...hearing from his pant and shout, is just like Sakurai Takahiro's voice (released from his charge he's starting to work hard again, ne. I loves your voice, but not you...too bad good voice didn't following by a good personality. Don't you ever realize that lots of your fans already gone? My friend was one of it. 反省した方がいいと思うよ ^^;;;)
Hanamura Yousuke's CV is Morikubo Shoutarou.
Satonaka Chie's CV is Horie Yui.
I still don't know with the other charas, but I think there's a boy who sounds like Paku Romi's voice X3

ps : My Chie didn't looks like moe chara... forgive me... *sembah sujud*

I wonder when and in which console Suikoden VI will be in release? ........ -__-

SOUDA!!!!! Talking about games... in "Lost Colors"!!!! In Geass Scenario!!!! OMG!!! There's a command selection that we can make Lelouch fall in love with us!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! Gyaaaa!!!! (I wonder what kind of geass we had? Like Lelouch maybe? Since we can giving command to peoples too)
Our chara is a boy, remember~~~~!!!!?????? SUNRISE-SAMA!!!! What the hell!!!!????
Wait, wait, wait, there's 4 scenarios in Lost Colors, I wonder which scenario Lelouch is wearing wedding dress was? Geass? Ashford? Or both of its? I know there'll no chance for us to see that scene if we're choosing Britannia's Soldier and Black Knight, so the remaining selection only those two.
In Geass, we'll be killed by Rollo when we choose to using geass to said, the next scene was Rollo smirking with blood covering his body...kowai... ^^;;;

I wonder if next time Sunrise + Bandai will release BL SM Simulation of Code Geass game for us? *muri dane*
Too bad in Lost Colors we can't flirting with Umagon and C.C, maybe because both of them didn't have any interest with love relationship?
Like usual, there's some different scenes for PSP and PS2. Usually PS2 had more advantage than PSP (and yes there's a scene in PS2 that not included in PSP, "Blue Moon something", jangan2 ini scene yang Lelouch n Suzaku diri di balkon malem2 pake yukata lagi...X3), but don't know why I want to buy both of its... Doooooon't!!! Choose one!!!! One disc was about 6000~8000 yen, Shiroki!!!! Like you want to buy the regular one!? ...uuuh, yeah, I want the limited edition~~~~ XP *speaking to oneself* I've ordered both of its................
My fave scene is when Lelouch was overing his hand to us, etto, I named it Tokimemo's Scene (XD), he's so, so, sooooooo KIREI in there!!!! Hauuuuuu!!!! *died*

bday request progress )

LAST!!! And this was so weird...
Couple of seconds before I woke up this morning...

Read more... )

Yes, I'm sleeping with my cat ^^;
OK, I forgot the beginning, but all I can remember before I woke up because of vegetables-san's calling only that...
Last night I'm sleeping on the bed couch (a couch which can turn into a bed) at the living room while my bro watching KHR from the lappie. Hell yeah last night was really hot (in addition, lots of mosquitoes) , that's why I'm moving from my room into living room, because only in living room we have a ceiling fan. It was my chair on the left and in front of it was my desk work a.k.a dining table *grin* pretty, so gorgeous, so...BIJIN!!! when he was smiling like that in my dream. I wonder what the hell I've been dreamt of...PENASARAN!!!! XP
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A month I didn't online, so there's lots of things that I have to download. ES21, OP, KHR, Neuro, Game ost, Doujinshies, Collecting fanarts, etc.

Eyeshield 21 ch 265....................AT LAST!!!!!!! I CAN SEE HIRUMA's NAKED BODY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*wake up*

Although it was only from the back........zannen.....but YOKATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if Mamo nee-chan feels something when bandaging his arms. Since she was sitting in front of him X3
If I was doubt I'll attack those yummy barechest *suimasen*

Yappari, sport manga really awesome!! The time was mere 5 more minutes, but both of school scores was still catching up each other. Hwaaa, doki2 suru~~~!!! Especially when Hiru-tan forces his arm to threw a long pass!! And when Marco being tackled by Kurita (well it's really unnecessary for him to revealed his ass, though. But that's OK, let's think it was one from fanservice for females X3), Hiru-tan helping him to stand up...actually to showing to Marco that he was still able to standing on the field although his hand already couldn't do a single shoot ever. Marco did understand what is Hiruma going to say...and then he was falling onto Hiru-tan's shoulder...hwaaaaaaa...hwaaaaa...HIRUMA UKE BANZAI!!!!! X3

Souiya, Mussan really more look kakkoii if being seen from the side X3

And another happy thing about ES21......Inuyama-san (ES21 japanese doujinshika/shousetsuka who becoming my fangirling friend about Hiruma (UKE)), in her last e-mail, she'd said that....


She'll give her djs for me as a gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF, I'm able to come to the MusaHiru event at Feb 11th -__-;;;
Since I couldn't make it (iro2 to), I wonder if she want to send it to me...or maybe I can exchange it with mine also ehehehehehehehehe
I really loves her gag XD

SHI.A.WA.SE kufufufufufufufufu --> ©Hiyuu Tatsuma + Dokurou Mukuro

I really love that spread page in ch179 X3
And lately Mossan didn't look like a kid anymore. Didn't look cute anymore. Amano sensei's pic for Yama already back to what his face used to be. BANZAI!!! X3
Although Tsuna becoming more cute this time...I'm even thinking that he become more girly than Kyoko and Haru. It is just me or everyone thinking it too that that spread page in ch179, Tsuna has a waist!!?
I loved the old Tsuna!!!! The idiot face Tsuna!!! Bring back the old Tsuna to me~~~!!!! XP

NO comment for Gokkun, because I will always loves him whatever his face going to be like X3 *biases*
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*Indonesian Language Mode-on*

Woanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! Es21 264!!! Es21 264!!! Es21 264!!!! SenaHIru banget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, ada sedikit MusaHiru na juga sih, cuma yg lawan musuh (Dinosaurs) kali ini SenaHiru buanget!!!!!! GILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! saya mero2~~~~ ><

Etto, etto...Sena bilang...

"Saat itu aku tersadar"
"Dilihat dari Mamori nee-chan yang memakaikan helm padanya, dilihat dari dia yang tidak menggunakan tangannya..."
"Dilihat dari dia yang tidak memegang senjata yang selalu dibawanya.."
"Lalu, dari permainannya yang tadi"
"Aku tersadar...jangan-jangan..."
"Hiruma-san kembali ke field dengan tubuh yang berdiripun sudah susah...dengan tubuh yang sudah tidak dapat memegang bola lagi!!?"

Itu inner voice na Sena!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Sena semakin seme saja!!!! X3
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Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Just editing the conversation balloon, hasn't finished, yet ^^;;;
I still don't know about the title, but the story based on Guardian of The Storm's Battle. Yamamoto feel uneasy and worried when he saw Gokudera's battle. Reborn ordered him to calm down. Yamamoto knows that, but still...
Didn't have any intention to make it into R18, but maybe there's a kiss scene...well, just give it R15 rating ^^;;
Pairing : Yamamoto X Gokudera, Dino X Hibari

Eyeshield 21
Five pages gag of Eyeshield 21. Haven't touch my pen to lining it ^^;;;
The title is Mental War, based on Deimon VS Ojo when their discussing how to beat Shin (and ofcourse Ojo) in their new Devil Bats' trailer when entering half time ^^
Pairing : Musashi X Hiruma, Hiruma Uke

ACTUALLY!!!! There's Tenipuri (Ootori X Shishido, have to end it on vol.3!!), Sengoku BASARA (Masamune X Yukimura), Suikoden V (Georg X Ouji...I forgot who's the official name for Ouji), FFVII ADC and Wild Half (Salsa X Taketo) too, but I haven't scanned it, yet ^^;;
And I think I'll cancel the publishing of FFVII ADC and Wild Half, although it's already finished. When I read it again, I realized that it's too weird ^^;;;

ACTUALLY!!!! I want to make Darker Than Black (Li X Hei) and Persona3 (Ryoji X Minato, Minato Uke) too, but I think I couldn't make it in time.

ps : And, yes!! It's in Indonesian, so I'm really sorry for you who doesn't understand *bow*
It's just feels more fun if I'm using my own language ^^
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Eyeshield 21 chapter251!!!! OMGWTF!!! MamoHiruMamo!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! X3

BTW, I saw lots of Hakushuu Dinosour's ass when they're...ehem...sheesh, what the hell I've said? I'm in the middle of fasting, but always fangirling over something...hahahahaha

BTW, see the pic!!! Ohohohohohoho

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

KYAAAA~~!!! I really like this pairing!!! ...for het pairing ofcourse ^^
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Males pake bhs Inggris or Jepang, jadi Indo aja ye...or gado2 kekekeke

Gambar lagi, inspirated from the fics that I read. The author was Inuyamachiko-san. She's a great writer!! I like almost whole of her stories. Alur ceritanya enak hehe
Taken from one of her stories, called TSUNDERE. Berawal dari Monta yg nanya ma Sena apa arti Tsundere. Sena bilang kalo Suzuna mgkn tahu kalau tentang bahasa gaul begitu. Nah, pas mereka sampe ruang klub, disitu ada Mamo n Suzuna lagi cekakakan over a sheet of paper. They asking what happen, n the girls answered them kalo mereka lagi bikin charts sapa yg paling pantes pake baju cheerleaders Deimon. Monta n Sena udah nyangka kalo yg no 1 pasti...their devilish buchou, n emang bener. Tp sebelum itu mereka liat posisi 2 kebawahna. G lupa siapa aja yg berurutan, tapi disitu ada Komusubi, Sena n Monta juga....kalo ga salah Kurokki n Monji juga??? Or Toga...??? Aaaaahhhh, lupa~~~!!! Secara itu g baca udah 5 bulan yg lalu =__=

Nah, lanjut!! Pas buchou masuk (of course disertai Musashi dibelakangnya), mereka berempat lgsg maen dorong2an untuk minta Hiruma make baju cheers na. Adegan ini lucu si, soalnya main lempar body gitu XD
Hiruma setuju aja asal mereka berenam bayar seorang 600 000 yen (kalo ga salah =___=), semua pada binun, kok berenam? Tyt yg satu lg Cerberus!! ^^;;;
Dan karena ga mungkin, mereka nyerah, n diusirin ma Hiruma utk latihan. Musashi tetep tinggal, terus nanya..."Kalo ma g gimana? Musti bayar juga?"
Hiruma balik badan n bilang..."Kalo loe bisa cium g sampe 600 000 kali, boleh aja g pake tuh baju"
Musashi senyum n...yaah, nyium sekali.
MEANWHILE!!! Sena n Monta yg lupa ganti baju jadi susah masuk gr2 tuh 2 orang icha-icha begitu!!! Terus Sena bilang ke Monta kalo kayakna die udah ngerti arti Tsundere, n Monta juga ikutan ngangguk.

Tsundere = Fudan wa tsuntsun shiteita hito ga suki na hito no mae ni deredere ni natte shimau
YANG ARTINYA!! Orang yang biasa berduri-duri bakal jadi klemer klemer di depan orang yang disukainya!!
INGGRISNYA!! People who usually get snappy wil become melting in front of the people he/she like.
Ummmm, I really didn't get with the English, but...something like that hahaha ^^;;; *runaway*

And This is the Pic )
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*indonesia language mode-on*

GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Hiruma kecil~~!!!!! Hiruma SD~~~!!! Hiruma rambut item~~~~!!!! *mati*

Yg mo liat gbnya, klik aja dibawah, yg ga mo spoiler...ya ga usah klik hehehehehehehehe *mati lagi*

*idup lagi*

Tenang g cuma upload gambar, ga keseluruhan halaman dr manga na XD *mati lagi*

Elementary School Hiruma )

Also, I made a 2 komas djs of KHR, TYL Yamamoto is proposing Gokudera

Propose )

Thanks for [ profile] scratchbook who was beta reading it my english, sure I'm so poor with English, just for looking an easy word sometimes I have to open Japanese dictionary...nande?
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Uwaaaah, think about it Gokudera's birthday is 5 days to go...

Uwaaaah, doushou~~~ I haven't preparing anything... I mean, at least make RABURABU pic with Yamamoto or Yamamoto, Tsuna and the others are throwing a birthday party for Gokudera and it'll end on bed's (X3) djs or poem or fic or... aaaahhh, more thinking about it makes me more hard to decide what kind of celebration do I have to make -_-

24-years-old or 14-years-old is OK, just hurry up decide it, my brain~~!!! *desperate*

Talking about birthday party... when I'm still in highschool, and still an okkake (person who chases after idol, showbiz star) girl, me and my friends always celebrated the artist's birthday at one of the house of us. Bought a cake, candles, crackers... hahaha but now... guess there are no one who were crazier as them. Besides, in here, in Indonesia I mean, is just me who really like Gokudera ^^;;;

Well, I guess I'll celebrate it alone... hmmm maybe with my brother since he's Yamamoto's fans (what the...). Thanks God, Gokudera's birthday not entering fasting time yet XD

I'll send the report next week in September 10th!! ^^

Tteka, shimatta!!!! Onii-san's birthday was passed by!!! I really forgot it, suimasen, Onii-san!! *bow*

Sasagawa Ryouhei
Happy belated Birthday, August 26th

ps : GOKUDERA... think about it, it's a rare name... I think... But it sounds good to ears, great name, really love it X3 Ii namae da, Hayato~~!!! X3
Souiya, when is Hiruma's birthday? Since he shot the biodata of himself, it can't be helped... Well I guess I'll just celebrate it together with Musashi's ^^
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What a wonderfull n tanoshii n...rough week

Katekyou Hitman Reborn! )

Eyeshield 21 )

sekian fangirling hari ini ^^;;;; maaf kalo lj g jadi tempat nyampah. but hey, it's my journal, it's up to me what i want to do with it, rite? ^^
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