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2012-02-14 09:05 pm
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Originally from Arthur on Ikarisa @ DA

Saya selaku tim survey untuk acara COMBINI (Comic Exhibition Indonesia) yang rencananya akan diadakan dalam kurun waktu tertentu memohon kerjasama dari teman-teman Deviantart sekalian untuk mengisi survey pada link yang telah disediakan.

COMBINI sendiri adalah acara yang bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan industri visual kreatif indie (amateur) untuk menampilkan karya terbaik mereka dan bersaing dengan peserta-peserta dengan sama industri.

Comicket versi Indonesia what do you expect?


Sejauh ini pihak organizer masih membutuhkan survey dari orang-orang yang tertarik dengan acara ini, dipersilahkan pula disebar ke komunitas-komunitas sejenis dengan seizin saya.

Akhir kata, saya ucapkan terima kasih untuk mengembangkan acara impian kita bersama



If this time they're really made it, I am soooooooooooooooo gonna focus in this event! X3

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2010-12-09 08:28 am
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Amecomi Antho Update + Finally!

Today is the day!!
I'm so nervous, you don't even know.
I couldn't sleep and I woke up so early because of the nervousness FML

The preparation is done, I'm packing and repacking thinking that my luggage was too much for 4 nights 3 days ^^;;;
Well, we're planning to wear Black & Black + Pink apron, no wonder it's kinda heavy LOL

Anyway, wish me luck!!
And too bad my portfolio for MARVEL isn't ready, yet.
I really want to apply as their inker, but all of my portfolios were in A5 and they're so DC-ish ^^;;



Price: US$ 6 (SG$ 8 at STGCC)
Size: A5 (copy book) B/W
Contents: 5 comics and 5 illustrations
Available at: STGCC (Singapore) on December 10th-12th and probably Comic Market 79 (Japan) on December 30th.

For you who can't make it to both events, just click on HOW TO ORDER tab at our Anthology Project BLOG.

Except this anthology, you do still remember our 1920 Hetalia Anthology project, right? We're going to sell it on the same event.
Actually our first intention to participate this STGCC event was to sell the Hetalia's. This Amecomi Anthology only an additional ^^

OK then, ta-ta now.
Singaporeans, let's meet there!! \o/
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2010-11-17 11:39 pm
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Sample of Amecomi Anthology Project


After been through a lot of things with RL and some of nature disasters in my country, I can't believe it I could done this project!!! *wipes tears*

For further information you could check this project BLOG or just simply stalking my journal LOLZ

Size: A5 (copy book) B/W
Contents: 4 comics and 4 illustrations
Available in: STGCC (Singapore) at December 10th-12th and probably Comic Market 79 (Japan) at December 30th.
Just pray that Indonesia post not being a douche this time *crossfingers*

As for online order... just check on the BLOG, I'll update more later ^^
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2010-09-20 08:18 pm
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Just want to let know about our booth at STGCC at 10-12 December 2010.
Our desk number is G38, the one with the red circle.
Click the thumbnail to see in larger view.


Also, a doodle that I made. Just trying a new style.
Done with an optic mouse and Alias Sketchbook Pro 2.0
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2010-08-29 02:08 am
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STGCC Update

Hello guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we got our booth for STGCC on 10-12 December 2010.
We will be in Artist Alley with Maharani circle name.
Since we kinda late to registered, so our place is going to be near the stage ^^;;
But don't worry, we'll going to decorate the booth quite flashy so you could recognize it just by a glance LOL

Beside our [1920] Hetalia Anthology, you might find something else from other fandom to browse/buy later.
I myself doing another anthology project called Amecomi Copy Book Anthology (yes, I know, it's not a good title).
It will be a A5 copy book and PG-13 rated.

Featuring artists:

hanukara|jali_jali|karama_wari|runesque|[personal profile] shiroki|[personal profile] sukiyakiya

I'll update more later ^^
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2010-04-25 07:22 pm
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Been long time didn't update DW XDD;;;
Well, peoples who could catch me on Y!M, MSN, FB, plurk or twitter maybe already know what am I doing, anyway, I'm doing fine!!

From last week me and some of my friends spamming Adrie Subono (an Indonesian promotor whose managing foreign artists to come to Indonesia) on twitter so he could make up his mind to bring Adam Lambert into Jakarta or not! One of his tweeted said that there's some pro and contra about my bb. Geez, was it just his accuse for not inviting Adam here? Kinda dilemma to ask a favor of my foreign f-lists about this... (a.k.a to spam Adrie) -_____-

April is a rough month for me, lots of workshop inside and outside Jakarta every week. On April 30th I'm going to Makassar, back again to Jakarta on May 1st noon, go straight to [profile] scratchbook's house to take a bath, get dress, make up and then we will going to [profile] fairiesgonenuts's bro's wedding party at 7:00 PM. ME DEAD!!!!!!!! Onegai, please lemme stay at your house until Monday, scratchbook!! *puppy eyes*
But well, I know it's going to be fun, though ^^

Nyway!! I bring a fanart of Kiben Gakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan, a horror mystery comic on Weekly Jump mag that I reading it now.
The chara kinda reminded me of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and the art and the nuanse of the story kinda similar with Mononoke.

Yotsuya-senpai and his slave, Makoto-chan LOL


Next event will take a place on Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention this December 10-12 at Suntec - SG.
And yes, I will go there with some of friends. As far as I know, [profile] jali_jali and [personal profile] sukiyakiya will going too. How bout you, [personal profile] runesque?

I'll update again about what am I going to sell ^^


You know, this STGCC is brought by the same event organizer and creators of NYCC (New York Comic Con) and the C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). They (US) invited actors and actrees to the con for promoting the films they're on. If, IF STGCC going to invite actors too I only demand from my fave TV series ever!! LOL
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2009-02-11 11:35 am

huallooooooooowwwwwwww *waves*

Well, though not that long, but I feel like more than a week not login to LJ ^^;;;
I managed to login yesterday, but only for couple minutes before get back to work ^^;;

At last I met [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l and [ profile] ala_tariel last Sunday in Indonesia Supernatural gathering!! Yaaaaaaaaayy!!! *throwing confetties*
I really had a great time that day. Though that's the first time I met them, but it's feels like we already knew from a long time X3
I didn'r regret I pushed myself to go though I still had 38-39 degrees fever. Well yeah of course after that I barely to stand up and my friend insisted me to better sleep at her house and go home in the morning instead of I faint in the middle way back home. Hmmm... I never had any experience to faint so maybe I want to know how's that feel. Oh, but every time I had a high fever when I was little, I always sleeping until 3-4 days and didn't woke up at all. That's quite scary, eh? ^^;;;

Never mind that, so... [ profile] mashi_tsushiro was coming too. And I haven't meet her in such a long time, so it feels like a reunion. Like usual she always being a great friend to fangirling with. And I think iorhael and ala tariel quite shocked 'cause how vulgar we are, sorry... ^^;;;
We're sometime forget where we are, indeed *grins*

You can see the photos and some reviews in here, on [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l's LJ. (Sorry, saya buang body *grins*).

Well, like I told you above, I slept at my friend's house and get back home in the morning. And... when I wanted to feed my cat (Pussy), he scratched and bit me. Mmm, maybe I shouldn't tell you further about it, especially when you'll getting sick to hear blood ^^;;;
When my Dad came home and found out about it, he kicked me out and tell my mom to take me to the hospital because when she asked me to go to there I refused to go ^^;;;
Heee, the last time I ever checked up was when I was in High School... and I hated hospital... especially RSCM level 5!!!! -_____-
Anyway, I got scolded by the doctor 'cause didn't coming faster and then he told the nurse to bandage me and he gave me 3 kind of medicines (including cough syrup). O' well, I like medicines anyway. The problem is... I have to wrap my right hand with plastic every time I wanna taking a bath or washing the dishes... mendokuseeee!!! -___-



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2009-01-30 02:01 pm
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Have to re-post this from [ profile] sukiyakiya.


Click the banner to get your RSVP.

Time and PlaceDate: Sunday, February 8, 2009
Time: 12:00am - finish
Location: Senayan Plaza (food court)
Street: Jl. Asia Afrika no.8, Gelora Bung Karno-Senayan
City/Town: Jakarta, Indonesia

So far there's 12 peoples had confirmed to come and 8 peoples on "maybe".
Some of them from IYF (Indonesia Yaoi Front), IHP (Indonesia Harry Potter) and ILOTR (Indonesia Lord Of The Ring) groups.

Further information: Just contact me or [ profile] sukiyakiya via LJ message or e-mail at

Banner made by [ profile] sukiyakiya

ps: this is becoming serious................. ^^;;;
I never do such thing like this for my other fandoms... ^^;;;;;;;;

Anyway, I'm much better now!! Thank you, guys~~~!!! I just hated myself lately for some reason, but I'm fine now *hugs you all*
Yeah, I know, I'm recovering so fast, sorry to made you all worried ^^;;;;;;;;
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2009-01-14 02:53 pm

Yes... me a suicidal cause I'll be participating to assigned Famazon Mag. I saw their thread few days ago at [ profile] supernatural_tv in a very early morning. And with a little curiosity I take a look inside and BAM!, here I am, facing another deadline hahahahaha orz
I still don't know what I have to draw, so if you have an idea, would you mind to share it with me? Thank you :)

I draw Nagayan (Nagayama Takashi) for [ profile] tonomurajiro, but ended up looks like Jared Padalecki, she said ^^;;;;;
Though for me is a very different...

Read more... )

JD from New Year's party...

Last, another suicidal... I'll go to Jason Mraz's concert in Java Jazz Festival on March 6th. So, if you're coming too, meet me there, 'kay XD
You can check the other featuring artists on Java Jazz's website.
I wanted to attend until Sunday (there's Peabo Bryson on Saturday and Brian McKnight on Sunday), but it just too expensive *sigh*

And it's raining again and I have to canceled my appointment with my editor because of it -____-
How's your day, the flood hasn't coming to my area, yet, but some of Jakarta's area already sinking, though it's still in normal level...

[EDIT]I've snatched all the photos from [ profile] tonomurajiro's cellphone + LJ XD
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2009-01-05 07:46 pm
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ATTENTION: I just too tired, so forgive me for the broken English and Grammar -__-

Etto~~~!!!! First!! Happy New Year 2009!!

Second!!! I've spent my New Year eve with friends twice. First at [ profile] pinguin_oren's house on Dec 31-Jan 1, the second one was at [ profile] rusalka_69 on Jan 3-4. The different is the peoples. At pinguin_oren's, we had PLURK, Trisakti Design Graphic 96-97 and Indonesia Harry Potter fansclub. I'm not Trisakti graduated and also not a Harry Potter's fans, but I'm having fun between them. We have BBQ and played UNO (several kind of UNO) and Harry Potter Twister (it's a hand made), actually [ profile] sukiyakiya who played it, I just stand up beside them hehehe.
There's lots of Harry Potter board game, I wonder is there any Supernatural "Scene It?", I kinda like that game, but there's lots of question I couldn't answer since I didn't read HP... well, I'm watching it. though ^^;;

At rusalka_69's, we only had IYF (Indonesia Yaoi Front) members. Like always, just fangirling, playing Keroro Gunsou's board game, Cluedo and Harry Potter UNO.
But, I kinda disappointed, because half of us stayed in room and busy with their laptop, that's why I told them before not to bring gadgets -__-
After midnight, we've opened the drinks. There's EVA, Sherry and Jack Daniels. Me and [ profile] fairiesgonenuts emptied EVA and Sherry (the one that [ profile] sukiyakiya's couldn't stand). For JD... hmmm... I only drank 3-5 shoots of it ^^;;
We went to bed almost at 05:00, after that I woke up at 08:30 cause [ profile] rusalka_69's maid several time knocked the door for some bussiness that I don't know and I hell don't wanna know!!

AND!!! Me and sukiyakiya supposed to meet [ profile] ala_tariel and [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l after that at PS, but... 8 girls taking a bath sure did spent a long time, indeed... -__-

After that, I just too lazy to go home and spending another one night at [ profile] scratchbook's house with [ profile] tonomurajiro. I just come along with them in the morning to their office and then going home...

Dec 31 Photos )

Third!!! Happy Birthday to [ profile] magami31 at Dec 31 and [ profile] meine_liebe at Jan 3!!! *hugs both of you*

Fourth!!! I've done with tha New Year Art Trade with [ profile] sukiyakiya and will post it tomorrow. I drawed her Sam and Dean and she drawed me Merlin and Arthur. Both arts had cows in its. Why? Because it's an Ox Year hehehe
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2008-12-27 02:57 am
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Pelangi Cosplay Event - Dec 20th

Photos from Pelangi event cosplay at Pelangi (Plaza Semanggi) on Dec 20. It's not all, and blurry cause they're took by a cellphone's camera.


Read more... )

Eh? My photo and [ profile] sukiyakiya?
Well, unfortunately our pictures was not in Alfons' cellphone ^^;;
And some pictures was taken by me... I just love photography *grins*

At first the event was supposed to be held at Grand Indonesia, but they've change it. Pelangi was so narrow to holding this kind of event PLUS it was weekend and almost Christmas, so you know how crowded the place was, right? -__-

Last, all costumes and props are hand made. Oh, except for the basic cloth, the tailor sewed those ^^
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2008-03-11 12:22 pm
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KHR Calendar Anthology Project

Komifest 2008 - KHR Calendar '08-'09 Anthology Project

Participants :
- [ profile] shiroki_kun a.k.a ME ^^
- [ profile] sukiyakiya
- [ profile] meine_liebe
- [ profile] runesque
- [ profile] crimsonutterfly
- [ profile] jali_jali
- Jullian
- [ profile] festive_wind
- [ profile] joey_fraser

Secretary : [ profile] arisuesei

It will be packed in CD case so the size will be around 13x13.

Aug '08 -- August 17th Nuance (Red and White) -- Millefiore -- meine_liebe
Sept '08 -- Autumn Nuance -- Vongola TYL -- me
Oct '08 -- Halloween -- Kokuyo -- sukiyakiya
Nov '08 ------------- Vongola Old -- Nessa
Dec '08 -- X'Mas -- Varia -- festive_wind
Jan '09 -- New Year -- Vongola Present -- meine_liebe
Feb '09 -- Valentine -- Bosses (Vongola, Cavallone, Tomasso, Millefiore) -- jali-jali
March '09 -- White Day -- KHR Females -- runesque
April '09 -- Sakura -- HIbari cs -- sukiyakiya
May '09 -- Childrens Day -- Arcoballeno -- Jullian
June '09 -- Beach -- Iro2 (Oregano, Basil, Iemitsu, Nana, Cervello) -- Nessa
July '09 -- Tanabata/Summer Matsuri -- Tsuna & Reborn -- me
X-tra -- Tsuna, Goku, Yama, cs -- joey_fraser


Tsuna -- festive_wind
Goku -- jali-jali
Yama -- me
Hiba -- sukiyakiya
Muku -- meine_liebe
Chrome -- runesque
Ryouhei -- Jullian
Lambo -- crimsonutterfly
Reborn -- joey_fraser

Tote Bag
Two sided, Vongola TYL by runesque and Vongola Present by jali-jali.

Limited -- Calendar + Completed Bookmark (9pcs) + tote bag.
Regular -- Calendar + 1 pcs Bookmark (random, barang yang sudah dibeli tidak bisa dikembalikan atau ditukar, depends on your luck *grin*).

This calendar will be sell on Indonesia Komifest at Mall Taman Anggrek in July-August 2008 (still didn't get it why Indonesian have to making events (most of it Anime and Cosplay events) inside the Mall -__-). As far as I knew from runesque, that already 9 foreign peoples are pre-ordering our project. And for Indonesian (not mention that lives in other countries), if you're interested, make sure you'll come to the event to get it. It will be sell at mine or sukiyakiya's or meine_liebe's or jali-jali's or maybe all of us' booth (correct me if I'm wrong, since I don't know Nessa and Jullian will open a booth or not). But, if after the event it still remain some, we'll be open for mail order.

ranting, progress and sample )
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2005-12-20 05:52 pm
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NEW YEAR guyz!!!!!

Hooo~~iii!!! Remember new year guyz!? kita mo ngadain dmn nich? g ga mo kekurung drmh ky thn 2000 or thn2 sblmnya~~!!!!

btw buat yg one piece aka jesee acrnya tgl 2-4 feb! siapin one piecenya y! lg acr animons sounds khusus valentine, tgl 19feb d mangdu square. sebagian dr banchou bakal jd HOSTnya Youka Nitta. Panda bakal jd mama-sannya. misi hr ntu adlh mencari klien, ga boleh dr tmn satu tim!! pokonya d akhir acr, pd kumpul bsama klien msg2, bo;eh lbh dr 1. kt ank2 yg laen sih kudu co kliennya ga blh ce yg crossplay...hmmm g udah dpt satu target XD
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2005-10-31 10:48 pm
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Jakarta Electronic Sports, Entertainment, and Expo (JESEE) 2006

Eh guyz!!! ini info mengenai event Jan yg kita mo jadi one piece!!! g copy-paste dr gameindo. Gila!!! event khusus game ky ma TGS!? OMG!!!!!!

more info click here )

keterangan selanjutnya belum ad, tapi last info yg g bc, katanya kalo mo ikut lomba cospnya byr. individu 20K, yg kabaret 50K. diliat dr bates waktu pendaftaran *tgl 8 jan* kayanya event diundur jd feb.

Gmn? 3 hari bturut2 cosp, berarti bisa makein kostum2 kita. Walopun aga bosen ma bleach si ^^;;;

Wait a minute!!!! rambut g...kalo g jd zoro juga...pas jd mcdohl-nya gmn dunk!? ini gawat!!! mana ad mcdohl cepak!!!!???
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2005-10-18 11:30 am


*Gado2 language (not in the mood to write english)*

'kay, coz I dun have a time to OL, so I put it all together ^^


After that...we're went to Artha Gading, it's Sen's 'bday party. But she took us to eat at La-Piazza, Gangan Sulai(?) or something sounds like that XP *forgot the name*
Awalnya semua pada end up nginep di tmpt Sen, tapi krn Rei disuruh pulang so Panda ikut Rei, biar Rei ga kena omel and biar dia gampang dijemput ma Sony ^^;; Well...untung aja Nina ikut nginep di tempat Sen and Sen sendiri besoknya mo ke PS, kalo ga g bakal kaya orang bego bingung bgmn pulang dr situ XP

Malemnya, sesuai perjanjian, g ngerampok Sen lagi setelah ngembaliin komik2nya. G suka Sakuragi Yaya, tapi yg dia punya n lagi ada d JKT udah g bacain semua...pokoke kalo pulang k BDG, loe kudu bawa ya!!! *perintah*
Terus nonton One Piece movie 6!!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* ZoSan-nya banyak buangeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!!! Udah kaya pertengkaran suami istri begitu (biasanya juga gitu sih). Dibanding yg ke-4, art yg ke-6 lebih mirip ma Samurai Champloo, gpp sih tetep keren kok, toh g suka Champloo juga. Zoro-nya byk yg sexy 'bo XDD G n Nina udah kaya orang keabisan napas tereak2 fangirling trus ^^;;; Mo pinjem or copy? *look at certain person* Setelah cape, Sen n Diana tidur duluan, g n Nina masih ngobrolin tenipuri, ToriShishi n shishido centric ^^ berujung baca One piece yg g pinjem dari Dessy...

ASLI...g cape (positive) baca One Piece...(G tau g telat baca, sekarang baru nyelesain baca Arabasta, tapi udah pinjem ampe Sky Piea sih ^^) sepanjang malem ampe jm setengah 7 pagi g sesegukan baca Arabasta...T__T mata g ampe perih pas mandi ^^;; Heboh sendiri waktu Zoro or Sanji mulai nongol untuk berantem and pas adegan naik ke jam (yep betul sodara2, kayanya FFVII AC ngambil idenya dari sini dech, ga kreatif akh). Tapi yg paling top...pas mereka pisah ma Vivi ^^ AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! ODACCHI BANZAI!!!!!!

Well walo di sela2 ntu semua there's someone yg rasanya pengen g tampar/gampar abis2an kalo saat itu ada di depan mata g!

Ga ada rencana tiba2 nginep drmh Kirara 2 hari aja githu XP Perut g semakin menjadi. Laper tapi ga mo makan...sengsara deh. Maen Suiko 3, uda nyelesain Geddou Chapt.1 and Hugo Chapt.1. Skrg lagi jalan Hugo Chapt.2. Malez maenin Chriss nih...-_-
Suka kamarnya Kirara, lantenya dari kayu...(ma kaya yg kita liat di Ace itu loh Rei) n untuk ke main bed roomnya ad lorongnya githu ^^

One Piece )
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2005-10-04 02:48 pm
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Another Cosplay Event!!

I know it already late, but still wanna report it from my view ^^

@ La-piazza )

[edit] -> read it if you has a free time.
@ Ciwalk-Bandung )
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2005-08-15 10:15 am

Something WRONG!!!

Man there's really something wrong with this world these dayz...
My neighbour's cat is male chasing my cat which is male to...N now my cat alwayz running away from him if he's coming to my house ^^;;;;;;

Last Sunday me n the other Suikoden cosplayers met at PS. Fitting my McDohl's outfit with Lemez's long speech 'bout my attitude while being her fave chara (ussai na temee) XD

It is our trade mark indeed to hangin' out at the food court from noon until late XD Around 08:00 PM, we've decided to went home but before that, me, Lemez, [ profile] tonomurajiro, Liphie, [ profile] magami31 and [ profile] fairiesgonenuts were drop to Kino first, but suddenly magami31 n fairiesgonenuts change their mind and go down to the SOGO supermarket instantly. Really too bad for you guys also [ profile] chibishun, [ profile] k4tzie, [ profile] synleezz and Kirara who went home at the first place. Gues what!? Me, Lemez, tonomurajiro n plenty free merchandises from natsucomi 2005's event!!!!! XD

- Shitajiki BLEACH-NARUTO (2 sided)
- Shinshidoumei Cross-Love Complex (2 sided)
- Stickers from ciao
- Sugar Rune's booklet
- Shueisha's booklet
- Ciao Comics booklet
- Strap from shueisha (per chara...dunno with Lemez and Liphie, but me and Panda got the same main chara from WJ's Police Story which already 100~ volume of tankoubon ^^;)
And I got extra merchandise from the tenin, Mas Lily!! A bentou box wrapper with some pics from Shueisha's chara (Bleach, NANA, NARUTO, etc) X3


Updating Ciwalk-Bandung's Event )
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2005-07-24 03:08 pm
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MY BIRTHDA~~~YYY!!! OMG! Another +age again... T-T

'Bout the event at GOR Bulungan yesterday...Well...honestly it's quite fun. Since our stand is the most urusainigiyaka!! We're opened a manga shoujo, yaoi, BL stand with coplaying BLEACH ^^

This time, some our members became another chara ^^
- [ profile] fairiesgonenuts --> Hinamori Momo
- [ profile] magami31 --> Ise Nanao

The others still the same ^^
- Me --> Hitsugaya Toshirou
- [ profile] scratchbook --> Kuchiki Byakuya
- [ profile] chibishun --> Kurosaki Ichigo
- [ profile] tonomurajiro --> Matsumoto Rangiku

N the rest can't come -_-

'Coz we have the free pass, we dun have to pay for enter the event.

There's 2boyz whose cosplaying Sasuke n Kakashi sticked with us (I think they're High School students). Dun like YAOI but trying to read Lemez's SasuNaru YAOI djs!! XD

Well...the selling doesn't so good, but it fun ^^
BTW!!! Kita mo cosplay Suikoden II buat event d Bandung bulan Sept. Sapa yang mo jadi Miklotov n Camus or Culgan n Seed???!! Yang jait bajunya [ profile] magami31, jadi harganya bisa lebih murah ketimbang minta tlg penjait biasa. Tserah domisili dmn, asal bisa dtg pas event d Bandung-nya ^^
BTW...!!! I'm totally crushed in Zangetsu X Ichigo n Renji X Byakuya!!!!!!!!
N Offcourse Hitsugaya Uke ^^