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WWFM video klip version.
Not even close, yeah I know... orz

BB, you're sooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaayne!! In WWFM (Whataya Want From Me)!!!
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Here! Have 4 pages manga of that cute bros that I quick made (only in 4 days) for exchange gift with the SPN/J2 fellas XD

Been long time didn't draw manga, forgive the messy -_____-

(Goes to my LJ)

Forget the engagement rumors!!! We know their feelings and soon will be marry each other after the show is done. Or is it just me who was thinking like that? ^^;;;

Anyway, I'm planning to make a colab Supernatural Quartet Card with my friend.
There will be a limited edition set, just stay tune, 'kay XD
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The seme from my original incest BL/yaoi manga.
I forgot his name... even though I remember the face ^^;;;
If I'm not wrong, I make this manga on 2004 and yep... hasn't finish, yet XDD;;;
It was from his older brother POV and the one who realizes this forbidden feeling was him when they're still 4-5 years old or something.

Now, where the hell that damn manuscript!!! Couldn't found it... -_________-
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I am so sorry that been a long time I didn't update this journal. I was so busy, hope you all forgive me... or maybe not... orz


Then Netherlands finally out!!!! HOOORAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
Why did I draw him looked like Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter...? orz
Now if Himaruya-sensei will going to make Indonesia as well, my pair will be PERFECT!!!
Link to Himaruya-sensei's BLOG entry about Group E (World Cup 2010).

Geeeeezzz, [profile] jali_jali, thanks to your doujinshi, now I kinda like Denmark/Norway pair. Damn you, girl!!

As for [personal profile] ala_tariel and [profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l, THANK YOU SO, SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! For the 2010 calendar!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! *hugs and kisses*
I'm sorry that I came so late yesterday so we couldn't flail much... =______=

And to my dearest, sweetie, [profile] near_note, thank you for the virtual gift *hugs*
I don't think I could give you one, but perhaps you have an art request for the exchange? If you do, don't hesitate to say it, I'll try my best to draw you something, bb ^^
But don't too expecting much, 'cause I'm not a good illustrator, kay ^^;;;;;


Jun. 2nd, 2009 11:21 am
shiroki: Kradam loves :D (Kiss me will 'ya?)

Artblock has recovered because of HIM!!! Hell yeah, baby!!!
Just doing some rough sketch to let out some hormone that I've been kept for 2 days long after watching the finale (Adam VS Kris) and the season finale of AI *grins*
Black nail polish, black eyeliner and your voice baby, your voice!!!!! *dies*
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So hard to draw Merlin's ears... orz
Eeerrr... the pose taken from promotional video Merlin?
(He's sooooooo SEXEY when I saw him in that pose!!!!)
Maan, I haven't watch the full version, yet. Only watching it from someone's icon or the flv version ^^;;;

click for more )

I really sucks with fingers... *fails*
For you who don't know Merlin, it's a series from BBC UK.
*points to my icon to see the original appearances of them*
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KIDS NOWADAYS... *facepalms*

At least, you could open wiki if you're not sure what are you doing... orz


May. 10th, 2009 09:54 am
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Another ori-nations from Hetalia, Netherlands and Indonesia.

I'm pretty sure I'll get haunted.
So, kill me XDDD;;

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