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Batman: Under The Red Hood - Jensen Ackles

Ehem, I know the hype is over, and I know I'm damn late to review this, but I don't care since I could write anything properly when I'm still can't get over it.
Well, not that I'm going to make a full decent preview about the movie, tho.

All I wanna say is, JENSEN, BB!!! YOU'RE PERFECT IN RED HOOD!!!!
You're gaining new fans outside Supernatural yooo!! X3

I watched UtRH with [personal profile] sukiyakiya and [personal profile] brain_floss, we really tried our best to not watching it by our own, even for skimming. Well, it did ended three of us skimmed it anyway, tho. Horray for curiousity LOL
ANYWAY, since I'm the only one who has a different off day, so we're waiting until I have the same off day like the others, which's August 17th (which was also supposed to be a meet up with other Supernatural fans *starring at a certain person who canceled it suddenly*).

My fave scenes in that movie are (besides *cough* panting Jason, off course *cough*) the And doing it because... because he took me away from you scene and the This is the best day of my life! scene. And I almost crying in those two, but couldn't since I was watching it with the girls ^^;;;;
After I got home I re-watching it and sobbing... XP

The first phrase was so Dean!! Me and [personal profile] sukiyakiya thought the same thing about his voice on that line.
"Well, I bet he just snorts and thinking 'Just going with the Dean-Sam scene like always, then?' when reading the manuscript"

To be honest, sometime I'm still playing those scenes for the sake of angstiness. It can be my muses to make an angst story, so... why not ^^;;

Also, I'm really looking forward for Supernatural: The animation

*hosh hosh hosh hosh hosh hosh*

Ehem, sorry, anyway,

They're still using the same seiyuu (dubbers) from the TV series S03 and up (Dean Winchester CV: Touchi Hiroki, Sam Winchester CV: Uchida Yuuya). Thank God they're not using those idols from S01 and S02. They're so lousy, just like reading a manuscript!!! For Godsake!!! -____________-

(source: spinoff comic book resources)