The leaning kitty of mopishness

Jun. 22nd, 2017 06:20 pm
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Left cat at the vet's today, for his tooth-cleaning and some additional checkups that the vet recommended after I listed all cat's troubles with eating. Picked up cat after work and left half of my tax money there.

The plaque in itself isn't what keeps him from chewing and eating properly, and there is nothing wrong with his mouth and throat. But his liver has elevated values of stuff, which isn't good. Looked normal on ultrasound, and they didn't want to do a biopsy without trying the easy way first. So now he gets cortison and special liver-helpful food for a few days. Here's to hoping that will be enough to get him back into shape. The vet warned me that not all cats recover from liver troubles, so. Fingers crossed.

For now, I have a still not sober cat moping about the place. And listing. Poor puss.

Bleeding money

Jun. 13th, 2017 11:40 pm
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Why, oh, why must spring always be so expensive?! Every May and June it's the same horror show of expenses, but never the same things. Except from now on, I guess there will be an annual expense named "summer flowers". Geh. Vaccines for cats (extra this time: chipping for both of them, as they go outside now), flower boxes (one-time investment, but...), soil etc., trailer for the bike (to trail behind the bike, not carry it), clothes, shoes, stuff, augh.

My inner Scrooge McDuck is unhappy. And next week I have to take one cat back to the vet to get his teeth cleaned of plaque (calculus/tartar). I sincerely hope that's what's keeping him from eating properly. He's been moping for over a week, hardly eats, sleeps more than normal, and is generally not his usual self. The vet found the plaque today, so here's to hoping.

Only seven days more days to payday, thank goodness. Which, due to wonderful nanny-state magic, is much larger in June than the other months. And sometime after that, tax money. Yay.

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