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Comics don’t rip off pop culture anywhere near enough any more. Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound happened because of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD happened because of James Bond and the Man from UNCLE. Comics used to omnivorously devour whatever was popular and make it part of the mix. Usually two years too late, but they were in there trying. Kung fu popular? Have some kung fu heroes! Blaxploitation? Gotcha covered. But at some point, greedily chasing trends started to be frowned on. And the Big Two comics got to be a lot more about maintaining the old stuff than chasing the new. I think that was a point when comics lost a lot of vitality. If Pokemon had happened in 1965, there’d be a Spider-Man villain today named Monsteroso, who hunted & trapped monsters he used to do crimes. -- Kurt Busiek

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Cat still not dead

Jun. 25th, 2017 10:55 pm
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I am not entirely sure if Laban, the sickly cat, is better. Maybe a little bit? I had to force-hydrate him all Friday afternoon and evening until bed time (not fun for either of us, but much more doable with a syringe (sans needle) than a tea spoon), and hold the special food up under his nose to remind him to try eating a little. I think he's been pretty badly nauseated, what with the smacking his lips whenever awake and not wanting to bend down to eat. Nevermind getting the little sod to drink!

Saturday morning and this morning, he drank on his own, which was all kinds of yay. But then he didn't drink any So yesterday evening it was syringe-hydrating again, le sigh. Today's been a bit better, but I have cheated: The special food (which is already mousse) blends well with water, so he's been eating and drinking at the same time. Aaaaannnd...he just caught and ate a fly! Well. I guess that's protein, too. At least he's well enough to bother stepping on and eating a half-dead insect?

One cortisone pill left. I hope he won't need more than tomorrow's, because hand-pilling a cat is Not Fun.

Will call and consult with the vet tomorrow, then decide if I'm bringing Laban back there on Tuesday morning or just keep on nursing him one day at the time.
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"You don't wear your strongest influences like a shirt, something you take on and off as you like. You wear those influences like your skin. For me, Ray Bradbury is that way. From the time I was twelve to the time I was twenty-two, I read every Bradbury novel and hundreds of Bradbury short stories, many of them two and three times. Teachers came and went; friends ran hot and cold; Bradbury, though, was always there, like Arthur Conan Doyle, like my bedroom, like my parents. When I ruminate about October, or ghosts, or masks, or faithful dogs, or children and their childish frightening games, every thought I have is colored by what I learned about these things from reading Ray Bradbury. One of Bradbury's most famous collections is The Illustrated Man, which features a man tattooed with a countless number of Ray's stories, a man who walks through life carrying all those stories on his back. I relate."
-- Joe Hill

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The Hood #2

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:09 pm
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Last time, petty crook Parker Robbins kicked the crap out of a Hydra recruiter, shot a demony-looking character in the midst of a break-in, and discovered the boots he stole from its corpse allowed him the power of flight.

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